Cumin seeds (jeera) to cure everything

Jeera also called cumin seeds in English. Cumin seeds are of two types – black and white cumin. Black cumin seeds are digestive, milk-enhancer in breasts helps in pancreatic, abdominal, diarrhea, and indigestion and also beneficial in chronic fever. It is especially beneficial for women. It can be consumed with meals as well as raw cumin is also consumed. Cumin has properties that can cure any common disorder related to stomach.

Here are some home remedies related to cumin that you can easily adopt.

Hemorrhoids: grind black it in the water and make the pulp like paste. Apply the paste on the affected area. Also you can take sugar and black cumin mixture with a half teaspoon of water in the evening and morning for beneficiary results in bloody piles.

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Digestion: Soak it in lemon juice and dry them. Add salt or black salt in it. Consuming it after daily meals increase digestion power.

Spider poison: coating the affected area with white cumin and water can reduce the symptoms of spider poison.

Body heat: keep cumin seeds in a mouth for a while and chew them after some time. By doing this thrice a day for two to three days, the body heat and mouth ulcers reduce.

Mouth odor: after every meal, chewing cumin and sugar can remove the bad odor of mouth.

Abdominal disorders: roasted cumin seeds, black salt mixed with water provides relief in abdominal disorders.

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Stomach pain: grind cumin seeds and mix honey. Eat it during stomach ache and you will be cured.

Pimples: grind it and mix the powder with a little honey. Apply the paste on the pimples. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash off.

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