How to Increase Ranking Of Your Website

What is Website Ranking?

You might be thinking that what is the use or ranking. You must know it that’s why you came here. There are many types of things that matter while judging the ranking of your website. Alexa ranking is one of the best ways to find it out. But still, you can guess it if you search for any of your posts and search out where is your website.

What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is the main activity done on websites. And you should also do it. It is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and performing SEO really helps your site to rank up high. What is mean is a process by which you can help your website rank better over any search engine used all over the world. What you need to do is to make your website Search Engine Friendly by using meta tags and keywords.

Rank Better With These Steps:-

1. Unique Content

First of all, this should be your main aim your website should be plagiarism-free. Means completely unique content should be on your website. You can search on Google for plagiarism through searching Plagiarism Checker.

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2. Updated Content

Keep your content updated regularly. Stay active on your site and update whatever comes first. You should keep this in mind that whatever you post about internet and tech(if you do), you must keep it updated as these things keep on updating so best is keep things up-to-date.

3. Meta Tags

This is the main part which generally people don’t pay attention to. You must insert meta tags in your website. Like what your website is about. And with that thing about which you post. Meta Tags help Search Engine to show the most relevant and best things that suites to the search that a user performs.

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4. Use Click Worthy Website

Now, this is also something you should do. Why the user should click your website only. Means you should be posting this frequently and-and search show the most relevant results of yours. There are filters which only show the best-suited content searched by the user.

5. Use User-Friendly UI and Alt Tags

UI is the most important things on your site that matters. UI of your website how it shows itself in Mobile, Computer, Tablets and any device on which it is opened. And with that, you must use alternate tags by which how pictures and videos show up on your website.

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