Why Samsung Galaxy X is so bullish about the foldable smartphone?

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Samsungs Mobile boss has just revealed about the coming of the foldable Smartphones in the year 2018. Additionally, it is also been heard that its model number might have popped up being Korean filing. Now it’s time for bendable phones as Samsung could be the first company to launch one handset, probably by the next year.

We may even know what it’s called the mysterious Samsung Galaxy X being the subject of several bendable leaks, foldable patents and flexible humor. We are clearing entering in the age foldable future. It took almost 6 years (TechRadar) in making the foldable Smartphone by Samsung. The idea of the foldable phone is not new to Samsung as in the year 2011 the company showed a prototype. This clearly shows that it was not a commercial product but later in the year 2011 it revealed the video regarding the fully bendable (and transparent) device, that could be folded out from a phone sized screen to the tablet-sized one showed the Samsung’s ambition for technology.

In the year 2013, the company works hard but there were some problems occurred in the production process for the foldable smartphone. Supposedly the previous occurred problems had been solved but at that Samsung’s was struggling with the encapsulation technology, which protects the screen from moisture and air damage.
By the coming of the year 2016 (TechRadar)the product got its name Samsung Galaxy X which was believed to be the name released under. There were many rumors created that the issues regarding production, design and material to be used in the manufacturing of the product. The smartphone users are curious about the upcoming latest technology in the smartphone and are looking forward when it will be going to be released in the market?

The flip-flopping is considered to be an interesting phenomenon, as the sources say that the outward-facing foldable panels were Samsung’s display highest priority up until the last year. Combine this with the fact Samsung officially confirmed the existence of the foldable device just this month, which came very soon after the decision to go back to the inward facing solution and things starts to look like a result of a very rushed decision.
Unlike its competitors are offering, Samsung’s foldable smartphone actually feature a single display, which itself will fold in half alongside the body of the device. There is no doubt a feat only achievable by the Korean Giant, whose Samsung’s display subsidiary is the largest mobile OLED panel manufacturer, to the point where even Apple, its largest competitor in the smartphone race, has to use its displays.(Phonearena)
On the surface of the device, Samsung’s is facing potential threats-the inward facing technology has reportedly nearly been in a near-ready state for many years. We can imagine the ZTE (which is most popular due to its cheaper devices) is not a big threat to Samsung’s but there are chances that there may be other major players also gearing up to release a range of foldable devices in the market soon.

We have not heard such humor which is pointing towards to the iPhone-X inspired designs going forward. But there is one big name in the race of foldable smartphones is Microsoft’s’ mythical Surface mobile and while the question arises regarding Redmond’s unicorn finally nearing to release is debatable, it is still the most creditable candidature for Samsung’s fear we have so far now. (Phonearena)of course, Lenovo has been showcasing a foldable tablet two years in a row now, while rival LG reveals some patents of the idea but these both feel long shots. Just like Lenovo, ZTE is not nearly popular in the high end (Moto devices), while LG patents mean next to nothing until they get applied in practice something we are not sure to hear about that yet.

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By hearing this it clearly reveals a clear way for Samsung’s to roll on its foldable device by the next year. But there are some questions that it does not seem big of deal right now considering foldable smartphones are pretty much not a thing in the market, they will certainly become the talk of the town by the starting of the next year, when Samsung’s will release its own take on the idea of Smart flip phones. In any case, we have some more time to find out. Samsung’s itself given its confirmation regarding that there some kinks in the technology that still needs to be worked out and the process is still on.

While the sources from the ETN News claim that the company is aiming to achieve 3R foldability (which means that the radius of the fold curve is not larger than 3mm) or in other facts, as the work on the device is still not finished yet so we don’t expect to see the device in the early months of 2018- nothing is cleared still now the market is hot with rumors it will turn out to be the next phone in the Note series.

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