When was the last time when you make someone happy?

Anyone of us can tell that when she or he has laughed a lot and be happy? Starting with a question. Think for a while. I think no answers from your side. In this fast running life, hum khilkar hasana to bhul gaye hai baas ek formal sa smile hoti hai humara face paar just a show to the society. What’s App contact list of people I think so considering even me also send smiling faces?Including me also because I am the part of you all if anyone of us

Including me also because I am the part of you all if anyone of us has tried to bring a smile on anyone face. I am not asking for any kind of gesture you did for your loved ones but for whom to you have not any kind of relation but any kind of positive effort made by your side can bring a change in their lives in a positive direction.
Bring tears in anyone eyes is easy but to bring a smile on anyone face is a difficult task. Just like the comedy shows telecast on the television. The actors do really a great job but for money, but bringing a smile on anyone face is a noble. We have become so greedy and jealous only one motive in life only money. Yes, I agree money is important but happiness is also important in life. I am not trying to make others happy.Started with a small.

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Started with a small initiative to help out the one who needs actually help to smile. An incidence I would like to share to share with you all on my journey from Delhi to Bathinda I met a girl in the train in journey we started talking to each other got to about her depressing life and tried that she can forget her sorrows and be happy, I tried but not aware that I am successful or not. I am writing and sharing my views on the topic does not mean I am absolutely perfect not at all. Change is an important part of life. Positive change should always welcome.

Try to be happy and makes other happy.

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