Frogs and Oarfish are Predicting Earthquakes

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Why do earthquakes come?

Because of the bumping of the Earth’s lower layers. We have to understand the structure of the Earth. The earth has 12 tectonic plates. Below it is fluid lava. These plates are floating on the lava and the release of energy from colliding says the Earthquakes.

What is the scale for measuring earthquakes?

Earthquakes check with the help of the Richter scale. The energy emanating from within the earth during an earthquake His intensity is measured by it is acutely feeling the impact of the earthquakes.

This is the report by Scientist You must read a full report on Earthquakes.

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Frogs and Oarfish are Predicting Earthquakes

Some animals may be predicting earthquakes? This is not a unique question.

But the special thing is that much Research around the world has been made about it. As there is no scientific confirmation, but there is plenty of it.

Some reports have stated that In the underground water could be some chemicals changes, As a result, animals living in the water before can get its signal.

Oarfish –

This is considered to be quite difficult to get fish on the beach. It lives in deep water. But when these fish are visible on the coast then People in many countries, including Japan understood that’s an Earthquake signal. Japan Times had said it to the Times Messenger from the Sea God. Before the Earthquakes of Japan in 2011 and Tsunami of chilli in 2010 Fishermen saw 18-20 feet long Oarfish. Was that a sign of Earthquakes from the Times Messenger from the Sea God? Could not say anything? but It was definitely something.

Frogs –

According to a report, before the 2009 earthquake in Italy. Pond’s frogs had left the pound. In Italy, there were so many researchers on this. According to research, that happened because Due to the pressure within the Earth Charged particles are derived from rocks and their reaction had become with water. Maybe because of this Frogs have been forced by this reaction from the water to leave their homes.

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