How Plastic can affect your health? How to use it safely!

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Plastic is not a biodegradable material. But it cam is recycled. There are many things that need plastic to be used as a container. There are many types of plastics. Some can be recycled while others cannot be recycled.

Let’s learn how to point out a kind of plastic.

Resin code: Plastic made things have a resin codes written on them. We can find out a lot about them with the help of the resin codes. A plastic bottle, a plastics bucket or whatever it is, if something is made of plastics then it should have a resin code written on it. The resin code is numbered from 1 to 7 on the bottom of every plastic made things. This code tells about the material used to manufacture the related plastics.

Usually, bottles of mineral water and soft drinks have PETE written on the bottom or neck. Sometimes, resin code-1 also indicates PETE. This is safe for general use. But if the plastic looks thin then it is not fit to be used again.

Read directions:
Some mineral water bottles have ‘crush after use‘ written on them. This kind of plastic is also PETE but it is not of good quality. This kind of plastics if used again and again can cause several health-related issues. So, it is wise to follow the instructions written on plastics products.

High-density plastics have HDPE written on them. There may be resin code2 written in spite of HDPE. It also indicates the same material. It is abbreviated for High-Density PolyEthylene.

PVC means Polyvinylchloride. Resin code3 also indicates the same.

LDPE stands for Low-Density Polyethylene. It has a resin code4. High-density Polyethylene, Low-density Polyethylene, and PVC are used in trading. Another kind of plastics PS(polystyrene) having a resin code 6 is used in making disposable glasses and containers.

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Never put hot eatables in plastics:
Plastics bottles or containers have this precaution written on them. Every plastic has a different capability of getting heated. So read the instructions carefully if you are using plastics containers for your kitchen or it would be dangerous for the health.

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