Protein Shakes for Weight Gain

People used to suppose that sports drinks are expected to resolve issues related to obesity or excess weight. Nevertheless, a vast range of these merchandises can be consumed for the opposite purpose of use. I.e., a certain brand of an MR product can be used for both cutting back and putting on mass. You may be wonder how, for example, can one utilize 18Shake, the review of which you can read here, to increase body mass? The answer is quite simple. Instead of replacing a wholesome meal with the shake, it should be added to the daily ration.

However, the above-mentioned example cannot be considered the best option to get considerable results in increasing mass. An organism demands a lot of protein to grow muscles and 15g provided by this decent shake are not enough for a superb outcome. In the case of your interest in the development of your muscle mass, take a look at the following heavy artillery in the world of sports supplements.

Muscle Milk

This brand offers exactly what an athlete or an individual aimed at weight growth needs. One scoop of the powder supplies 35g of top-notch protein. However, this parameter is not the only one essential for muscles growth. The energy value is also a significant value for the mentioned goal. Thus, one serving of Muscle Milk ensures 150 kcal. You are free to alter values according to your requirements and energy loss by doubling your portion. The product is designed to restore muscles and can be used either before or after muscle activities.

Gold Standard 100% Whey

If you know onions in sports nutrition, the Optimum Nutrition brand does not require to be introduced. All you need to know is the highest quality of any product released under this trademark. The category of rich-in-protein shakes for mass gain is represented by Gold Standard. This merchandise delivers 24g of top-rated protein along with 120 kcal. It is not necessary to opt for a drinkable shape since you can use the powder to make protein pancakes and enjoy a delicious taste of 20 available options.

Dream Protein

Unlike previous brands, this merchandise can boast of only two flavors namely French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate. Both options are delicious and guarantee the highest quality of ingredients. This shake should draw your attention to the lack of any synthetic or artificial components, as well as sugar, soy and other miscellaneous elements that could spoil the overall performance. You receive 20g of whey protein combined with useful nutrients.

Natural 100% Protein by TGS

If you distrust omnigenous flavors and sweeteners, you can choose this unflavored powder and create the taste by yourself. The name of this merchandise by TGS is true nothing extra except for pure whey protein. This is a decent solution for any sex to either shed or put on mass. Users can enjoy 25g of protein together with 130 kcal in each scoop of the merchandise. Besides, it is an absolutely natural shake containing no gluten, hormones, GMO or preservatives. By the way, all amino acids needed to restore and grow muscles are already available in each package.

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