5 Least Favorite Meal Replacement Shakes

Unlike most diet pills including http://expertratedreviews.com/zantrex-3-review-the-truth-about-this-product/, MR nutrition does not lay claim to fast performance along with incredible efficiency. At the same time, this category of nutrition merchandises has own benefits to aid in weight management. However, it all depends on the brand. While some great MR shakes like 18Shake or Yes Shake can boast of a great popularity, other supplements fight for each customer. If you wonder what merchandises are avoided by the audience, learn the following examples.

Hunger Smart by Glucerna

This rather colorful bottle of shake has rather interesting nutrition values except for one namely sugar. Users choosing MR supplements mostly aim at weight reduction. However, the increased volume of sugar (6g in each bottle) can hardly be considered as the advantage. Although the manufacturer assures that the special formula of the sugar molecule is not as dangerous as other sources of this element, your diet will be violated anyway.

Protein Shake by Special K

Six delicious flavors of shake created by Special K are available to clientage. However, users are not ready to give off weight management efforts to pay for the incredible taste. It should seem that a decent merchandise has to attract the audience and enjoy popularity. Nevertheless, sugar has spoilt everything once again. However, 18g of sugar is not the only flaw. Protein containing GMO soy has also hurt the shake’s reputation. As a result, multiple bottles accumulate dust lying on the shelves of storehouses.

Premier Protein

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with this merchandise. Users can enjoy various delicious flavors. Each bottle supplies enough energy and miscellaneous nutrients. The content of protein is more than desired – 30 grams. And the most important value is 1g of sugar. So, what is the reason for the low popularity of this MR product? The answer is five letters – DATEM. This abbreviation refers to the shelf-stabilizing emulsifier, which, unfortunately, is made of partially hydrogenated oils. Premier Protein manufacturer assures that fully-hydrogenated oil is used instead of its artery-clogging version. Nevertheless, users ignore these claims and avoid buying the merchandise.

SlimFast Originals

Another rich-in-sugar representative of MR shakes is SlimFast. Other characteristics so not even deserve to be mentioned since 18g of sugar in each bottle is too much for any diet plan. Besides, the protein comes from milk protein concentrate without mentioning trans fats as well as hydrogenated soybean oil in the content of the shake. Such accumulation of unhealthy ingredients causes no doubts regarding the poor popularity of the product.

Cocotein by Isopure

One artificial sweetener spoiled apparent decent characteristics of Cocotein. Sucralose is a drawback of numerous brands making them tasty but unhealthy. Probably, this is the reason for the low popularity of Isopure’s merchandise among users trying to shed weight. Nevertheless, if you are not afraid of your gut health, you may increase the sale statistics of this brand.

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