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RO+UV water purifier worth your money?

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In this over-polluted world, especially in India. If a person needs to have the basis of protection mechanism, then that is a water purifier. Water Purifier is a machine which removes the harmful elements in water, may add some minerals
and then give the water(which companies claim to be safe) to you!

Well, it is quite normal nowadays to have a filter water at home.


Earlier water was purified by keeping the water still so that all the impurities
could get settled down, then came the time when we started using filter paper to purify water which uses SEDIMENT FILTERACTIVATED CARBON technologies.
And then came the electric purifiers(modern purifiers) which use RO or UV technology.

THE PRESENT PURIFIERS (Ultra-modern ones):
Now, the latest purifier based on “THE RO+UV Formulae” it is quite similar to the elecric ones,
but uses RO and UV both terminologies together.(double power?)

Now, here are some ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of RO+UV purifiers!
On this basis, you can decide whether to buy one or not !!


1. The new purifiers remove dissolved solids(TDS) makes hard water to soft water.
2. Kills microorganisms present in water
3. Removes contamination, kills bacteria


1. Low Budget
2. Non-availability of continuous supply of electricity
3. Non-availability of continuous supply of water.
4. People who live in rented homes, for short term.

IN my opinion if you have the budget and requirement of electric ones, you should
go for RO+UV purifiers!!

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