What Success exactly means?

The success the most commonly used word by most of us in our day to day routine. What is meant by to be Successful? If we will see and actually go through the dictionary meaning success is counted as to have wealth, social status and name in the society. Think for while we all want that only. Running after money and name don’t think what is good or bad.
If you are doing a job then getting promotion, perks and hikes in the salary.

How to impress the job?

As a businessman increase in sales and rise in the business. Company owners want to earn more profits. As we all know that life ka koi bharosa nahi hai kab kya ho jaye. Aaj jitna hai paisa kar rahe kal rahe na rahe.
Am I right or not? We are running after the materialistic things and forgotten the innocence, moral character and values. As students want to go marks and sometimes we follow the wrong path.
The news channels and newspapers are full of the news of scandal, tax evasion and “Ghotala”.

Why? For Money?

A humble request please once stand in front of the mirror and see what you have made yourself? Success is not money, power and position. It is the self-satisfaction and happy family. Paisa toh aana janna hai. Love and affection of the family are important. We have become blind we have not seen the rising sun, moon and stars.

If anyone has seen let me know?

Life is there beyond success is family spend time with family. Be a part of some good discussion. Risk taking is also important in life as we have taken the birth of human being and have attained the required knowledge and skill.

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Why go after traditional ways?

Like opting for Non-medical then go for Engineering. No! Try and find new ways. Work in them. Sometimes there may be a failure. Success is no worth without difficulties.
I like to share an example with you. Our President Ram Nath Govind who is a lawyer by profession, he appeared in the UPSC IAS exam cleared it but refused to accept starting working as a lawyer and helping the needy ones.
This shows that meaning of Success is different for some people.

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