What do we learn from kids?

The elders have a mindset that they have faced all the ups and downs of life and gain experience are from them, so they always right. But this is not so, in reality, there can be some situations in which the young ones like your kids, younger brother and sister can come with better ideas with the thought process you have not even thought. It is possible. We have a busy life no time for anybody but you have seen kids near around in your locality, relatives and neighborhood. Kids are so sweet and cute. What they do like mischievous activities and their behavior is helpful in learning something great? Is it so or not? I think you try to spend some time with a small kid but for this, you should take some time out from Whatsapp and Facebook because we are all stick to this kind of social networking platforms.

I know that it is important but face to face interactions are also important.


The kids are innocent. Sometimes they don’t know what they are saying?
I would like to share a funny incident with you. In my schooldays, there was a girl name Chahat she got admission in the school in class 1st. She used to go in our bus and on her first day of school as she did not know about her class so I and my friend Khushi help her out to locate her classroom and to make her comfortable in the new school we started a small conversation. Khushi asked Chahat who love you the most Mumma or Papa? She said “Papa” because her mama shouts on her papa every time while hearing it we both laughed a lot.

Happy with small achievements

My friend Yash he is happy he repeats me when we both play together a lot and for him the thing is measured not in the form what is important or not the reason behind that is he is happy in small achievements’ think when I was in Yash age I was similar to him but now as we grow up we change a lot and run after to achieve big targets and forget the idea of being happy in small things.

• Enjoy Life

How to live a life we should learn from small kids. When I see my friend Yash and realize how he enjoys every movement in life. Spending time with him has changed me a lot. Now I developed attitude life happiness ho ya sadness I will enjoy every moment of my life.

• They do not follow any race

Yash and I are good friends, but he does not follow any race kind means how many times I called him or how many times he called me. When we both miss each other just call each other and go to meet each other. But I don’t know some people this kind race if my friend calls me one time in a month then I will call her one time in a month. Aisa Kabhi Hota hai kya? To whom you love the most then what this kind of race means?

I have forgotten to live life because for my life was about to do MA Economics from DSE Delhi University the best university in India. I appeared at the entrance could not make it. I don’t know it was my fault or the destiny but my mama feels I worked hard. I was deep sorrow then a little angel Yash entered in my life. Small kid of 1 year makes me realize what it was missing in my life. Life is not about getting admission in the best college. When I see him I forget all my tension and stress. He has changed my mindset to live life and be happy.

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It is important to share my personal experiences because sometimes when you get to know about the writer personal experiences then you develop a feeling a connection with them and try to invite positive changes in you like in the Polio vaccine campaign and Clean India campaign involvement of Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachan and Anushka Sharma the mindset behind the government is that as the people follow the Bollywood stars as their idols and their involvement in good cause can make some change.

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