The Difference Between a Job and a Career

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When we do career counselling most of the students ask about the employment situation, the difference between a job and a career. They are confused about a job and a career. Job and career are really conceptually different but we often used to mean the same thing.

A job is something to do for a short period of time to earn money. Students work a part-time job in order to have extra pocket money. The job is a regular activity in exchange for payment. For a job, there is no need for education or special training. At a job, our goal is usually to get the work done and get a regular payback. We supposed to input less amount of mental and physical energy. We save energy for other tasks. Sometimes people earn high wages in some jobs.

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A career is an individual’s journey in which we connect to employment opportunities through learning, work and other aspects of life. Most of the career start with education. Career is about building on experience and advancing your job skills, knowledge and move into higher paying and higher prestige employment opportunities. A job can help people to start careers in many ways- experience, knowledge, learning about what we like and dislike. For career, we work hard until we get the level of success which we define. In career we learn skills, gain experience, build connections and put ourselves in position for promotion, raises and building a positive relationship with people around you.

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