Treatment Procedure for Melasma

Melasma is a chronic skin condition. However, this causes discoloration on the face. This usually appears as brown tang or blue-grey patches along with the upper cheeks. Somehow, the factors responsible for melasma are hormonal changes and external sun exposure. There are some treatments that effective to provide long-term relief. Most women experience melasma during their pregnancy. However, there is an improvement in the condition after the pregnancy.

Treatment of melasma with medicines

You can talk to your primary care physician. As you know, hormonal changes are responsible for melasma. A doctor can give medicines and ointment that are helpful in hormonal changes. Melasma treatment is elective, as the insurance company does not cover this disease. You should through the cost of the treatment before the treatment.

Reduce the consumption of medicines causing melasma

There are certain medicines like birth control pills and hormonal replacement therapy that affects your hormones and induces you to melasma. You should talk to your doctor about the dosage of the medicines. Somehow, pregnancy is the condition related to melasma. Some medicines you take in your pregnancy can cause melasma. After some time you realize melasma faded naturally.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

There is no way out to stop the hormone replacement therapy. This therapy can determine you about the dosage or adjust the dosage. There are many ways you can change the therapy. It is useful to reduce melasma. You should consult the doctor before making any changes. You should begin taking hormone replacements in the night. In the morning, the sun is at the peak and there is no benefit to take hormone replacements. Creams and lotions are the oral treatments to cure melasma. You can ask the doctor for the lowest dose of the medicines.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a procedure that contains glycolic acid. This treatment takes away the upper layer of the melasma-affected skin. As the liquid applied to your skin may cause a chemical burn. You should work on a cure the hormonal imbalances, as this peel alone cannot cure melasma. Glycolic is the most common acid in the chemical peel. This acid is the chemical compound in vinegar. Somehow, you may feel in the treatment as this is a chemical treatment. There is no need to worry.

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