There is good news for those who drink coffee

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If you too like to take coffee then believe me after reading this post you will be happy. Several reports from time to time have been said taking a coffee can be harmful to health.

If you drink six to eight cups of coffee a day so do not quit this habit. It is beneficial for your health in a sense. A new study suggests that more coffees drinker do not get blood pressure (BP). That is, they do not complain of high blood pressure. Dr. Kuno SPM Uterwal, who was involved in the study, said that women who drink more than six cups of coffee in one day do not have high blood pressure problem. While three cups of coffee or women who do not drink it can be high BP problem.

There is good news for those who drink coffee. A new study found that if you drink coffee and beaten chocolate together so it can improve your concentration power. Other researchers, including the Georgia University of America, studied the deep impact of intake of chocolate, to increase concentration, to get cautious work and to overcome anxiety, energy and fatigue.

Ali Bullani of the Clarkson University of America said that Cocoa boosts blood flow to the brain Thereby increasing concentration and comprehension capacity. Only caffeine consumption can increase anxiety. It found that cocoa reduces the effects of caffeine generation. It is a good thing to take that opportunity.

Participants were given a boiled coca, caffeine with caffeine, caffeine without cocaine, and a placebo without coca and caffeine. Then he was asked to give a test of nostalgic work and mood.

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Bullani said that definitely the results of the test were promising and it found that Coca and Caffeine students and anyone who wants to improve concentration are a good choice. This study was published in ‘BMC Nutrition’.

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