Unhealthy food and Health don’t compliment each other

We all love to eat. There is ample Variety of foods. Some prefer to eat only veg, some non- veg, small kids and teenager love to it junk food. We all know that green leafy vegetables and organic food are much better than food at ‘thelas’. But junk food attracts us with its added flavors, spicy taste. And of course these foods are much costlier than home cooked foods, and then also we prefer eating them.

According to health and nutrition report, India is a 3rd largest country of obese people after America and China. In western countries like America which is most developed country has the highest number of obese people. They are so educated, ahead in everything whether their technologies, education, infrastructure then why they lag behind in maintaining good health?

Different countries have a different kind of food. Most of them consume non-veg daily. But is it really right to kill animals just to fill your food? Many of you must be thinking that veggies also eat fruits and plants. For them, I would like to say that remember plants can be grown again but animals cannot be rear again, once they are killed they won’t come back. Due to our eating habits and killing of animals, some animals have become extinct and some are about to extinct.

In books, you must have read that we should eat a balanced diet. But most of us love to eat fats in the form of butter, ghee etc. these not only increase your body weight but also effects your heart.

If we talk about fruits, nowadays they are ripened early by injections of growth hormones. The vitamins that supposed to be there in fruits get vanish. Milk is a complete food but we don’t like it. which results in weakness of bones. Green leafy vegetables are good for health but we don’t like their taste.

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We all are aware of everything that what should be eaten and what should be not, what is costlier and what is cheap. We prefer buying expensive, unhealthy junk food and love to waste healthy food. We fight with rickshaw walas for 10 rupees but can waste earnings in eating unhealthy food.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy!

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