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There are many health benefits of chewing gum. This removes stress as well as it is also known to be beneficial in weight loss but everything is harmful in high doses the same thing is with it.

Chewing gum is the choice of many people, and some people use it to relieve hunger and thirst but it can be harmful to health.

We are going to tell you something about some harmful reaction on Chewing Gum.

If you also have the habit of chewing gum all the time, change it immediately. Constantly chewing gum because it may have an impact on your digestive system. The ability of exploit the Nutritive substances and the ability to prevent the microbes can tail off from preservative substances in the chewing gum and in the bread suspended in the cells of the small intestine.

According to research, Titanium dioxide compound can not be avoided. It can reach through toothpaste into our digestive system. Titanium dioxide, which is used for cleaning. Oxide used in some chocolates is also used to bring greasiness. Gretchen Mahler, the assistant professor at Binghamton University in New York, said the Titanium oxide is a common food preservative. And people have been eating for a long time in overdose. Do not worry, it will not kill you but we are interested in other subtle effects and understand that People should know about this.

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The researchers studied the small intestine via cell culture model. A small amount of chewing gum does not exert much influence but with long-term may reduce the absorption of intestinal cells Uprisings. The absorption of the bumps is known as Microvilli. The decrease in Microvilli will undermine the ability to prevent intestine. Metabolism will slow down and some nutrients, such as iron, zinc and fatty acid absorption would be very difficult. This research is publishing in the magazine ‘Nano Impact’.

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