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We all miss the love of Shahjahan and Mumtaz in the valentine Week. But one such case you would know hardly in Bihar’s Bhagalpur. The Doctor Nazir Alam and his wife HusnBano are an example of unconditional love. Dr. Nazir built a tomb of her Begum in front of his home by lifetime earnings. As well as he left the space to Burying himself with his space. They say that this place will be called the Taj Mahal of His Love Story.

Begum went before him from the world

Homoeopathy doctor by profession, Nazir Alam Says that Nearly 57 years ago, he was married to HusnBano. He says, there was a different thing in HusnBano. Next the day of marriage she understood me better than me. Earlier Days of Homeopathic practices Nazir Alam Did not earn much. even after that HusnBano never asked him for the money. Whenever Doctor concerned about spending that time his wife made them understand by that way they forget all the tension.

The promise of the tomb during Hajj:-

4 years ago, Dr. Nazir Alam went to Hajj with his wife. They promised each other Which of them will die before that other person will make a tomb in front of our home. Husn Bano passed away from this world in 2015. Mr. Nazir was very hurt by this shock. Although, even in this time of grief he did not forget his promise and decided to make a tomb in front of the house.

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Spend lifetime earnings to make tomb:-

Dr. Nazir said He had as many savings, They put him in the construction of the tomb. HusnBano’s tomb completed with about 35 lacks rupees. Because of this Now the doctor’s economic condition is so poor. Nazir told that after making tomb in memory of wife he will start to make a Madarsa on 18th of March 2017. In Madarsa, Only girls can study. The studies will start with digital.

He has three sons and three daughters. All three daughters completed a study of Bachelor of Homo Medical and Surgery(BHMS) and sons completed graduation and now he is running his own business.

He told the children that he has no more savings. He says that when the tomb is in the evening light then They experience a pleasure to see this scene. Now they are just waiting for the day when they will die and they will be buried next to his Begum.

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