Alia confirmed She is Dating With Sidharth

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For a long time, It’s Being heard. Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra are dating each other. Although, Both are refusing. Alia’s reaction On Sunday, In Karan’s show ‘Coffee with Karan’ has largely confirmed that she is dating Sidharth Malhotra. Alia Bhatt & Varun Dhawan came to this show because of promoting His Movie ‘ Badrinath ki Dulhaniya’.In this Episode, Once Karan & Varun Both Asked Alia about her relationship with Siddharth Both times She just smiled.

First Karan Said Everyone thinks and everyone knows that You are dating Siddharth Malhotra and everyone knows Varun is dating Natasha. Alia didn’t say yes nor no, but her smile Much became evident. After That Karan asked They all would like to go on a Double date. Varun and Aliya both answered Not for this. Varun said He will get bored. He thinks that He can hang out with Alia And Sid. but Will go double date is a little awkward.

Alia & Siddhartha dating Each other:-

After that In the Rapid Fire Round Karan asked Varun What has Siddhartha That You has not? On this Question, Varun looked at Alia and start caressing her hair. Again this time, Alia just smiled. Karan thinks to answer to this reaction Of Varun and moved to the next question. In the Rapid Fire Round, Karan asked Alia About his relationship status and give 4 Options for an answer(No time for love, work in progress, She still did not get she wants, Complicated). Alia answered this I found more than what I am looking for. After this when Karan asked her Who is two people? for them, you can go to jail? Alia answered for this Varun and Siddharth. In any other segment, Karan asked Alia Which are three artists she thinks to hook up with? Then Alia Said First Name Sidharth after that she named Arjun Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan.

Varun is Protective for Alia & Sidharth:-

Alia Bhatt, Varun, Sidharth Malhotra all started their careers with each other. Because of this, they are good Freinds. Varun Dhawan Told that They can say everything for Alia And Sidharth. He can Speak laugh for them. But No other can speak against them in front of him. Varun Said when Alia and Sidharth were not a term of speaking with each other than No one could speak against him.

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Varun Said He wants to get married. On this, Karan asked Alia she Would like to dance at the Reception. Alia said she must go on the Reception but Dancing would be a bit much. Varun also said the He will go for Alia’s marriage but he will not dance in Baarat. Alia said Varun thinks Alia will not get any more and she will be alone. On this Varun said He wants that Alia Will marry and became a mother of Cute Children.

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