The 3 step formula for live a happy life

Everyone wants to live a happy life, but they didn’t find the formula how to live a happier life?

Here is 3 step formula which helps you to live a happy life

1. Eliminate one thing

Think about what is the least important thing in your life and eliminate it today. It does not mean that you start thinking about eliminating your boss, mother-in-law or some irritating neighbor. You have to destroy anything related to yourself, which is not necessary for your life. Things like ‘i will eliminate my anger‘ are usually spoken and you can not achieve it only just by saying it, it requires awareness. Think about something, without which your life will be better. And about which you will take a concrete step today, no matter how small. If you think, ‘i will not get angry anymore’ it would be a lie because anger is not in your control probably, but you can think of something like ‘i will not speak wrong words.’ choose something that you can do. These small steps can transform your life. But you have to actually implement these thoughtful things to reality.

2. Change one thing

Take your time, carefully decide what it could be, what should be changed. It’s not a good idea to regret the things that you can not change. At least once a month, on every full moon, think of a small thing related to yourself with full awareness, which you want to change. For example, ‘before every meal I will give 10 seconds to thank God for the meal, which is going to be my share.‘ or ‘i will say thanks to every person that ever helped me.’ these small things will change your life and will seriously make you a different person.

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3. Remember one thing

One important thing that every human being should remember is that you are mortal. People take too many years of their life to understand that they are mortal or they need a heart attack or a deadly lump in the body. You should celebrate every moment of your life and enjoy it because life does not wait for even a moment and for nobody. If you were immortal, then you could spend hundreds of years in depression, anxiety, madness, and suffering and then be happy on your 500th birthday. But this is not so. You are mortal and time is slipping out of your hand. So at least in this life, you do not have time for frustration, depression, anxiety, anger or any disorder.

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