12 Things You Totally Relate To If you’re trying To Weight Loss

Weight loss is not an easy task at all. The person who is a big foodie is struggling to lose weight then it’s really gone be a big struggle. I have said so because there are many people who have lost weight and are fitter than before, take examples of our Bollywood celebs like Bhumi Padnekar, Parineeti Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha, Alia Bhatt and many more.

All it requires three D’s-Dedication, Determination and Discipline. It’s just that you have to make your mind and simply stick to the rules with strong willpower. There are ample of things happen to those who are losing weight.

• Oily food like Tikki Chole once in week
As it is good you are following stick diet plans as prescribed to you but for a foodie, it is really difficult to control on their taste buds. Since you have been keeping your hands off the greasy food and want to treat your taste buds with some spicy and greasy stuff then it’s ok for once in a week.

• Best Buddy-Weighing Machine
The time when you have started off to lose weight at that point of time weighing machine becomes your best friend. Regularly you check your weight to know how much you have reduced. It sounds funny standing on the weighing machine 24 times a day in 24 hours. While I am just imaging the scene laughed a lot.

• Calls for a party-loss X kilos weight in a month
The one who thinks an achievement for those who are a great foodie and lazy to do exercise and work out regularly party time for time to celebrate the success. Even you have decided to party hard for this; you will keep oscillating about it. The reason is that you know that throwing a party will mean you’ll load upon calories and be back on the start point.

• Selfies-Proof of Weight loss
We girls are so conscious about our looks and especially weight related issues. Our wish is looked young every time sometimes we do such funny things like mentioning the Wrong Date of Birth at the time of booking tickets for the journey by Bus, Train and Plane. I think so for girls getting their weight reduced are wow moments that they started feeling that they have achieved the whole world and want to share their journey of weight with others but it’s great because if anyone likes those struggling for weight loss can get motivated. In the world of smartphones, Selfies play an important role in showing to others as a proof that how much I have reduced. Earlier I looked like that but now I have changed look thin.

• Being in the State of Paranoia
Losing weight is not so easy. Sometimes you start thinking I am not losing weight at all. This happens because you need to understand that losing weight is a long process you need to have patience and need to work very hard to get a toned body. Those squats, circuit routine and cardio are worth it. Just don’t give up.

• I’ll take green tea or herbal tea
You might have not tasted green tea or herbal tea ever in your life. Initially, you had a tough time swallowing green tea without sugar now you will prefer green tea over everything else. It is rightly said when you have achieved something then sometimes you have to leave your favorite thing and when you achieve your target then at that moment you feel yours on the top of the world. These small sacrifices do not matter for you.

• She isn’t eating so much, why is she not fat?
We develop thinking when we look at our friends like Anu eats a lot of junk food like Pizza, Pasta, Burger and many more food items and how come she has a perfect body shape. While reading this article you will get the answer of this unanswered question that some people have different body structure and metabolic rate that matter, it’s in their genes. They can load up a lot of calories still not bulge. Focus on your target weight loss forgets about the world.

• You cringe when someone asks you if you are on diet
Yes, I am on a workout and I will not reveal about my diet plan. I will follow my diet plan secretly so that no one knows as I am on a diet and get a perfect body.

• You don’t disclose where your gym
Some of us do not like to tell everywhere about our weight and want that it should be a secret between you and only you then no one else. Is it so or not? Occasionally when someone asks you about where you go to a gym you like to change the topic of discussion rather than share your plans.

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• Reward yourself-Not giving into temptations
Hey, you are on a diet but sometimes you feel to have your favorite greasy food like Aloo Chat, Pizza with extra cheese toppings and Burger. Reward yourself for not coming into such temptations because your target is to lose weight and these kind of oily food are hurdles in your target.

• Buying new clothes motivate to fit into them
We girls are so shopaholic. No need for reasons to go for shopping. We make our own reasons. Weight loss a strong step to give all our favorite food items, need some motivation new clothes are the best way to motivate. Buy clothes of small size presently you are wearing now and try to fit in them.

• Plan to Liposuction Surgery
You have tried all the plans out for weight but you are so desperate to lose weight. As you are aware of the fact that weight loss requires patience but still you lack patience then you have plans to go for Liposuction Surgery to lose weight in a short period of time without more efforts. You should consult the doctor first before a plan to go for such a surgery because this kind of surgery may suit you or not.

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