Don’t ignore the Calcium deficiency in your body

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Calcium is essential for strong bones, it also helps in blood clotting. Early development of babies and muscles to is helpful. Deficiency of calcium can lead to weak nails, toothache, menstrual pain, heartbeat and pulse problems. According to a report, most Indians aged 14 to 20 years are battling calcium deficiency. Vegetables, curd, almonds and paneer are its sources.

Dr. K.K., President, Indian Medical Association (IMA) Agarwal said that the lack of calcium which is also called hypocalcemia occurs when you do not get full calcium. Should be aware of the importance of calcium for good health.

He said that those who have a lack of calcium should not take medicines themselves and do not take excessive supplements. Consult the doctor and take supplements with healthy food.

He said that calcium deficiency may be accompanied by age. Most calcium in the body is stored in the bones. With aging, the bones become thin and less condensed, thereby increasing the demand for calcium.

Calcium deficiency can also be due to hunger and malnutrition, hormonal disturbances, predatory delivery, and malapropism. Malabrosbation occurs when our body does not absorb Vitamin and Mineral from the dose.


Muscles Cramps: Despite taking proper amounts of hemoglobin and water, if you are facing muscle cramps regularly it is a sign of lack of calcium.

Low bone density: As the age increases, calcium is necessary for the mineralization of the bones. Calcium deficiency directly affects the health of our bones and can increase the risk of osteoporosis and fracture.

Weak nails: Calcium is needed to keep the nails strong; its lack of it can become brown and weak.

A toothache: 90 percent of our body’s calcium is accumulated in teeth and bones due to its lack of teeth and bones.

Menstrual Cramps: Women with calcium deficiency can experience severe pain during menstruation because calcium plays an important role in muscle work.

The decrease in amenity: Calcium keeps the healthy immune system resistant. Deficiency of calcium reduces the ability to battle path attacks.

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Problems of pulse: Neurological problems such as calcium deficiency, such as pressure on the head, can cause Caesar and headache. Depression, insomnia, changes in personality and dementia can also occur due to its deficiency.

Heartbeat: Calcium is essential for the better functioning of the heart and can decrease our heartbeat and restlessness if there is a decrease. Calcium helps to pump blood to the heart.

Dr. Agrawal advises that if you are facing any of these symptoms, contact your doctor.

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