6 Benefits of Group Studies Vs Self Study

Group Studies Vs Self Study Which Is More Better.

I am sure you will love to know the advantages of group studies. Group studies helps you in working together. It helps to understand the concept and clear out your own doubts and mistakes. Many times it is possible you thing what you know is the right thing but it can be the other way out. It helps you to keep going with your studies in a better way. You can not take group studies for granted and waste your time. Wasting time in gossiping, chatting, talking of things which is not relevant. Every member in the group is influenced by you and they too are wasting their own time. So you have to be careful and be sensitive towards others time and value their time too. Its better you have a small group but with some experts in the group with different ideas and thoughts. Every member in he group is very important so you have to give them equal chance to express his taught. It’s a matter of understanding also agree or disagree. But the only condition for group studies is that you are serious. You want to study and re not interested in gossip, chat, and time pass. Don’t have a very big group or a very small one too. When you make a group add people who are ready to share and be active in the group. Let’s see the advantages of a group study.

1.Discuss with others

Discussing with others means opening our mind and our taught to others. It’s not that what we think in always right and so to understand others we have to discuss. We can take a lot of examples of life. We may think I am the best in my own class. There is no one to compete or throw challenge on me. So I conclude I am the best student in the world. But the reality comes out showing its results in public examination. Where I compete with others and they show us the reality of life that I myself need to improve. Discussing with others bring more clarity on the topic and widens the knowledge information. Normally we talk and share our taught with others but in a study group we open our mind to express what I am thinking and find out whether my taught were right or wrong. Many times you may have a concept but it may not be the right one so group studies when you bring those concepts between others they will check you and help you to correct your knowledge. We don’t want to make mistakes because we are frightened what others will think of us and so keeping quite also does not help us. Its said till we fall we will never learn to stand so till we make mistakes we are not going to learn. As students never hesitate to make mistake because every time you are making a mistake you are getting correction and you are learning. Hence I suggest you to discuss the matter with others keep speaking to them and get the idea and the clear concept.

2. Clear your doubts

It can be in class when a teacher is trying to explain a concept you are not getting it right. You have doubts but you clear them during the class. This doubt is no were a help to you. So in group if you talk about that doubt and discuss it with others they help you to clear your concept. Remember day dreaming plays a very important role during a lecture so when class is going on its not that your mind is 100% present there so many times it can be that you note down some wrong information. So when this same information is discussed in the group you get the correct information. I am also sure you will agree with me when i say every bit of the lecture we hear in our class room we understand it word by word and get the concept clear. But when we are doing our studies in a group we get the topic clear, it could be possible that some context of the content has gone wrong, it could be possible that the teacher was trying explain something and it went out of the hand landing with other understanding. Her is the time in the group to get the clear concept of the content and get the doubts clear.

3. Play Quiz

When you study in a group once a chapter is over just have some fun with the content to see how much you are able to recall it. So design a quiz with small questions and ask each other. I am sure you will very soon realise how much of the content knowledge is right in your understanding. Never start with difficult questions, arrange the questions from lower level and then slowly move to the higher level. Don’t have a quiz to show anyone what he knows and what he does not know just have it to re-check the progress not to insult others. You can also play quizzes online. Some online portal such as CareerTest provides you such a platform where you can play quizzes related to your career. Quiz is one of the open way where one can know what he has the knowledge of a subject is it limited or it’s quite widen. Each time you undergo a different kind of questioner we come do the depth of knowledge we have.

4. Arrange Competition

In a group when you are studying there should be some fun so arrange some competition. Try some study games this is going to sharpen your memory and it’s going to help you to recall the concept. Have a healthy competition and this competition should help everyone grow. You will see during the competition different ideas, concept will come and that can be very helpful for you to keep your study material in mind for a long time. Never study to pass examinations because the same material will come to you later and you will be a laughing-stock for others in future. Arranging a competition also is a way out to know others mind and self mind which we think is quite enough to compete the world. We taking part in the self group competition also gives us a chance to know the group and their capacity.

5. Motivate and help each other

Always remember this group studies are to improve not to show who is superior or who is inferior. Studying in group is to build confidence between one and other also helping each other. Helping each other and strengthening is a clear concept that you are willing to accept others as they are. You are giving a source of inspiration to them that i am with you and i do need your support to walk in this life. When you are doing your group studies make sure you motivate the group members and help them. When you form a group see you have people of having command on different subject. Each subject can be discussed on decided time and date. Don’t leave it all to the person who is conducting the day’s discussion you also contribute. If he is wrong in some content give him a correction too. This is going to be motivation to all and in a way you are helping each other. Always be ready to listen to others never impose your ideas or thoughts on them. Have an open mind to discuss and help.

 6. Use different methods

Even in group studies don’t use the same method every time. Just try different methods to make the study time interesting. One day have a discussion then have a quiz on the same topic, if need be organised some games or experiments. Try to connect your subject matter to your personal life experience. If need be go, for a study tour or call someone for as a guest lecture. Let it be a real life experience. Be aware of one thing don’t make a group to have fun with friends and pass time having gossip. If that is going to be the case it’s better you study by yourself. Most important thing that has to be in mind using different methods. Each time you meet come with different method to study.

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