Best Hairstyles on Unwashed hairstyle to get Glam Look

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There some days when you need to step out of the house with unwashed hair. You do not want to look messy. There are many situations like functions, office meetings and surprise parties. You want to look good there. Well, not to worry women. I am some best hairdo you can try for your unwashed hair.

Regular Side Braid

For this hairdo, you need bring all your hair to one side. Make a loose hair braid. After making the braid gently, pull out some hair. You have seen Deepika Padukone carrying this look.

Bouffant Ponytail

For this hairstyle, you have to take your hair to the crown area. Backcomb your hair to the bit. Lift your hair and then put a pin below. Tie your hair in a ponytail. You make a high or low ponytail. It is according to your wish. You can decide it as how it goes well with your hair type.

Classy Messy Bun

You can take the hair in your ponytail. Roll them inward and make a bun. Tie the bun with some hairpins. Pull out some strands from the bun from front and back.

Three Braid Bun

You have to make three sections of your hair. Now, start from the crown area. Make three braids. The three transparent bands on the three braids. Then, take all the hair together and tie them in a bun. You are ready to go.

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Deconstructed Braid

Deconstructed Braid is a trendy hairstyle. This hairstyle has gain popularity because many Bollywood divas carry this hairstyle. Like Sri Devi and Jacqueline Fernandez. You have to take all the hair strands and bring them to the crown. Make an inward braid. The braid should look messy. Apply some pins on your hair. Tie your braid with the rubber band.

Crown braid with open hair

This is the Best hairstyle for the girls with short hair. You need to comb your hair neatly. Make a braid from each side. Put two pins at the back. Then leave rest of the hair open.
So, for the next time try this gorgeous hairstyle for your unwashed hair.

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