How to motivate yourself in depression?

In our life there are many situation that break us, because of that we get disturbed. All the routine work affected by those things. In that situation the term “self-motivation” is very important. This term save us from the river of depression.

Motivation is good but you cannot find a motivator at each and every time. So, you have to know and learn that how to self-motivate yourself.

Here are some points, if you remember this you will never depress and this help you to motivate yourself.

  • Believe on God- There is no proof of existence of God but we should have to believe that there is a power which helps us in any situation. We should believe on the God like a baby believes on her parents, we have generally encounter that when a men through up a baby in air then the baby start smiling in place of scaring because that baby has an immense believe on that men, that he never lift me to fall on the ground. Like that baby we should also smile in every worse situation with a believe that the most powerful things save us.
  • Remember your previous achievements- For self-motivation you have to remember your previous achievement that will relief you that “what you are? What you have done?”
  • Don’t compare with anyone- In such a situation you should not have to compare yourself to anyone this will loose your confidence.
  • Star to see a level down- In self-motivation you have to leave to see up and start to see a level down, which increase your potential that if that person live happily then why I can’t?
  • Always think positive- tin the situation of depression there is always a negative thinking. So, get out negative thinking with your will power and start to think positive.

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