This is how you can achieving goals of an attractive personality

Some people are too much attractive that it looks like that they hypnotize others. On the other hand, some people are such that others don’t even notice that. So the question arises that how some people have such an attractive personality. Making a good impression on others’ mind need that attractive personality.

Developing such an attractive personality needs some rules to be followed.

They say that the first impression is the last impression. So it is important how you deal with the situation in your first meeting with anybody. It shows your personality and your personality is made pleasant by your body language.

Here are some body language tricks that you should learn to follow the development of your attractive character.

Smile first:
Whenever you meet someone, do not break the eye contacts. Always maintain the eye contacts. Greet the person you are meeting with a real smile. Be sure that your smile comes before the other side. The other side will feel easy with you and they will feel that you are interested in them.

Repeat their name:
Greet the person and tell them your name. When the other side tells you their name, repeat the name two times. For example say, ‘ Rakesh, it’s really nice to meet you Rakesh’. The study shows that people like hearing their names. Also, repeat their name in the middle of the conversations too.

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Tilt a bit:
Whenever you shake hand with the other side, be sure to keep your body right in front of the other person. Tilt your upper body a bit. It warms up the greetings process and shows that you really admire the meeting with them.

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Your tone:
During talking, keep your tone just in the level of another person. The result will be it will be easy for the other person to connect with you and he/she will feel the equality.

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