A strange love story

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Since years she was alone. Her life just became a full stop. Living her job and her tasteless life made her a machine. Every color of life seemed to be same for her. But now she began to notice a man in the front flat who always was staring at her. At first, she didn’t pay any attention but as she walked every day to sit on her balcony with her newspaper in hand, she found him staring at her.

One day he smiled at her waving his head. She looked here and there but there was nobody. That man was smiling at her. A strange current of feelings ran through her body. ‘Ah! At least there’s someone who smiles at me’, she thought. Now she started to wash her face and fit herself in a pretty dress before going to the balcony. These smiling sessions began to make her day joyful.

That day, before leaving for office she glanced at him through the balcony. She become anxious about her old dress,’Did he saw me in this faded dress?‘For the whole day she kept thinking about that. At night she did a facial and applied a good facemask.
Days passed. New dresses, new hairstyles she made it a habit of making up properly before going to the balcony. Now she became more joyful, happier than before. A layer of hesitation didn’t let her go ahead of these looking, smiling sessions for months.

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One day she decided that she will go to him. She wore a golden-colored dress that day. Everyone in her office noticed her. Her heartbeat was racing with a lightening speed when she rang the bell on his flat.
An old man opened the door. ‘Sir a lady’s here’, he shouted from the door. ‘Send her to the balcony‘, a voice from inside of the flat stroke her ears. She went straight in the direction of his voice. He was sitting there in his usual style.

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‘Who are you and what you want from me?’, he tried to stand up while reaching for his stick. She couldn’t say a word. He was trying to recognize her by running his fingers on her face.
‘Maybe I am in the wrong house’, she ran out saying this. She was hurt but it was true to that unknown man made her life cheerful without even knowing he was doing so.

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