Apart from medical and engineering not a single question were asked

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We went to a top leading school of Patna for providing Career seminar. We went to hall.  It seems that hall is waiting for us. Hall was full of students. Almost 1000 students were sitting.  It was a time of seminar. Students were excited to ask questions regarding their career. They were happy to know about their career and had a great chance to interact and listen to great personality. The teachers sat among students to maintain peace.  Now waiting comes to end. School coordinator came on stage and announced the name of mentors. Principal of the school welcome them by giving a bouquet. She (principal) was thankful to them. Now it’s time for mentor. One of the mentors takes microphone and came to front and asked a question “am I audible to you?” with echo yes sir! Again asked a question “would you like to prefer Hindi, English or both? Again with echo both languages. Well he started sharing his views. He motivated the students.

Now question-answer session started. Microphone was taken to the students and students started questioning. One by one student was asking questions. Every question was markeable and mentors were happy to guide and helping them. If I had to give point I would like to give 10 out of 10. But still I was disappointed. Do you know why? Most of the students want to become engineer and doctor; most of the questions were from this background. 90 percent questions were asked from engineering and medical. This was the matter why i disappointed.  Seriously apart from medical and engineering not a single question were asked. What about other career option? Who will be a teacher? Who will teach next generation? Who will debate in court on social issue? Who will manage accounts? Where is our next Ratan Tata? Who will write for us? Who will entertain us?

This is the point of thinking and to change.

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