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What is career? This question often leads to confusing and ambiguous answers. In choosing a career, is the job or the works or the profession you are embracing? Or is it something that the individual experiences?
As a concept, does it have only short-term applicability or does it speak of something that spans a lifetime? (Is a career something that can be separated from family relationship and other non-work activities? When does one start career?)
Traditionally, only a few profession-doctors, lawyer, minister, statesman, and the like-were considered to have careers, more recently however, the concept of career has been extended to include many other work-related roles. A distinction can be made between a job or occupation and a career. We can say that a career consists of the sequence of work-related activities an adventure that an individual experiences, perceives and acts on during a lifetime. A career is individually experienced, perceived and is associated with work-related activities.

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The concept of a career being individually perceived and experienced raises the idea of free choice.  A person has the opportunity and responsibility for career and life choices. The concept of personal choice suggests that you and you alone can take this responsibility.


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