Casual Shirts for Men: STYLES OF CASUAL SHIRTS

There has been a change in men’s attitude towards their clothes. Men now are more aware of fashion; they’re not afraid of it. For men, clothing has become a form of self-expression-there are hints about who you are and what you wear. Nowadays, men want to look perfectly happy and relaxed in the clothes they wear, it should look like a part of them than a wardrobe they just donned. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, is the thought they live with. Casual Shirts for Men forms an essential part of a man’s wardrobe.

What are casual shirts- they are just the opposite of formal shirts, which men find boring to be tucked in. However, casual shirts for men are more versatile and you may or may not choose to tuck in. It can be worn both at the workplace or during the leisurely time.

Casual shirts for men are more formal than a tee and you can pair them up with trousers, chinos or jeans as compared to formal shirts which can only be paired with trousers. Casual shirts are comfortable and stylish. If paired well with the right kind of bottom wear, one can look debonair without much effort.

No one wants to wear formals to work on a daily basis, everyone wants the clothing to be simple, casual and comfortable. The casual shirts for men are the perfect balance between too casual and too formal. The FIT of casual shirts is an important aspect which can make or break a person’s look.

Depending on one’s physique, the casual shirts for men come in three different styles-

  • Slim Fit
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Skinny Fit

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People with a paunch go for the relaxed fit as it makes the person look slimmer. With a toned up physique, you can go for the slim fit which will accentuate your features well. The skinny fit would be good for teenagers with body types in the developing phase.

The light and breathable fabric give the notion of comforts while pulling off a look with casual shirts.

Let’s ponder over the different fabrics which are light and good for casual shirts-

Broadcloth – Similar to poplin, thin and light fabric

Chambray – Plain weave fabric, good for casual wear

Dobby – Similar to jacquard and look like twill, well suited for casual wear

Denim – Twill fabric, sturdy in nature, lighter than the jeans

End-on-End – These broadcloths are quite a popular choice for people living in warm climates.

Flannel – This is a wintry cloth material, which is warm and fuzzy.

Melange – Thin and smooth fabrics with a soft finish, exhibit an organic look

Oxford Cloth – Durable texture and a great fabric for office wear

Pinpoint Oxford – Weaved similar to the Oxford cloth, durable texture and good for business shirts

Egyptian Cotton – Durable cloth, practical for regular, casual wear

Poplin – Plain weave fabric, good for daily casual wear

Royal Oxford – Dressy fabric and classy looking weave

Twill – Similar to broadcloth, thin, smooth and flat fabric

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The modern and minimal looking casual shirts come in several styles such as Pique Shirt, Camouflage linen Slim Fit Shirt, Longline  Denim Shirt and the Checkered Shirt.

They are available in several patterns like-








They come in an array of colours causing men to be spoilt for choices. Getting the casual look with the right shirt material, colour and outfit combination is an art and the person who masters this art can look dapper in casual shirts at all times. It adds to his sartorial fashion sense.

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