Latest Indian Wedding Trends Today

Different trends are created in different fields every year. A paradigm shift in the mindset of people has led to a variety of trends in the wedding field. Indians have become open like their western counterparts and are exploring different things leading to new wedding trends today. The latest wedding trends are-

Pre-wedding photoshoot

This culture was followed in the west but now Indians have adopted it in a big way. Before the D-day dawns couples in India want to know their soulmates better, so having candid pre-wedding shoots in beautiful locales is the latest trend. Delectable food, animals, underwater, forests, Bollywood – themes are unique ideas for this shoot. Makeup artists, Traditional to snazzy outfits make the photoshoot special and memorable for a couple. Couples don’t want to leave any stone unturned to cherish beautiful memories even if they have to spend exorbitantly.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelor parties have been in vogue for a long time. Grooms wanted to celebrate their freedom filled life with friends before they tied the knot. But today girls are on equal footing so would-be brides to relive their maiden days before tying the knot. This bachelorette party culture has become a recent trend. Would-be brides enjoy to the fullest with their girlfriends.

Bridal Showers

Brides to be are showered with gifts and pearls of wisdom for her future life


This is a novel way to send an invite to guests and relatives in advance informing them about the wedding date &venue. It is a great idea which was unheard of earlier but today it is convenient for both the host and the guests. The guests can plan in advance and even inform the host in advance if they can’t make it to the wedding. Creative ways are used to design save-a-date to inform the guests. People come from both far and wide to attend a nuptial, with their packed schedules these save-a-date comes in handy for them to plan their travel.

Artistic Mehndi

Mehndi is an important ritual for a wedding, and the wedding ceremony commences with the mehndi ceremony followed by the other ceremonies. Henna or mehndi helps keep headaches and fevers at bay. It even helps in the growth of nails. It has a cooling property that helps to keep the bride & groom stress-free by keeping those frazzled nerves cool and calm on the big day. It even helps protect the bride &groom against viral infections before the D-day. The mehndi today is quite artistic compared to the traditional motifs used earlier. Intricacy in designs is the order of the day. Sparkles and crystals are used to decorate the mehndi. It is the Arabic & Rajasthani mehndi trend today.

Bridal Dress

Brides are opting for trendy designs compared to traditional designs for their bridal lehengas. Brides are opting for unconventional colors like orange, green, beige for their lehengas instead of the conventional ruby red or magenta. Floral lehengas, saree lehengas, lightweight bridal lehengas are in vogue. The sartorial dressing choices have undergone a big change. The Indian Bridal Haute Couture has brought about a big change in the wedding outfits.

Bridal Entries

Bridal entries are quite trendy these days. It may be in a palanquin or a Royal Enfield bike, a helicopter and so on

Destination Wedding

Couples like to have a trendy wedding in a palace, beach, resort in some faraway destination. It may be in India or a foreign locale. The beautiful ambiance of the place gives a surreal experience to the couple. They want to enjoy and have a treasure trove of memories to cherish.

One can see how wedding trends have changed from the dull, staid ceremonies to unique, full of fun, memorable and practical ceremonies.



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