Pros and cons of Magnetic posture corrector belt

Do you suffer from chronic neck pain while working for long hours on your computer or backache while sitting for long hours in the office? have spine disorders like Scoliosis, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or a Hunchback which is creating havoc in your life. Then calm down as technology has made great strides and found a way to give you relief and help you lead a comfortable life.

Magnetic Posture Correctors are easily available in the market, which helps to correct the body’s alignment and strengthens the upper back muscles.

Let’s discuss what is posture- one can say it is the way in which one sits, stands or sleeps in everyday life. We tend to overlook the health aspects created by a bad posture. It can create problems on our energy levels, circulation, back and neck.

Now we should have thorough knowledge about the working of these posture correctors before investing in one

Posture Correctors and their working

It is a device which people wear to improve the body’s alignment. This is a magnetic back brace made of lightweight, breathable fabric. The adjustable back straps are thin and made of skin-friendly elastic material which doesn’t dig into the skin.

It is a medical grade posture corrector which contains 12 magnets to massage the back and waist. This will help a person to get relief from back and waist pain by training the muscles and spine to come back to their original alignment.

It comes in adjustable sizes and improves hunchback, Scoliosis, neck and back pain. It is thin and light and can be easily worn under clothes. It is worn only for a few hours a day for a few months to get relief from these problems and give people comfort and confidence.


  • These posture correctors if used immediately after a surgery are useful in spine stabilization
  • This is easily available in pharmacy and sport shops and even online. They are very useful after an initial low back injury as they limit back movement and healing becomes faster
  • These posture correctors even help to support the abdomen and take the load of a person’s back leading to an improved posture.
  • When a person suffers from excessive back pain transitional movements i.e (sitting to standing movements become painful) but using these correctors help in easing this pain.
  • A person doing a labour intensive job has more chances of back injury due to more stress on back. But using these can bring down the chances of injury and retaining a good posture.

But everything has its cons along with the pros, so lets see what issues we may face using these posture correctors

  • Doctors feel long term use of these may cause atrophy of a few muscles of the spine due to lack of use.
  • If one uses these Posture Correctors muscles and ligaments can weaken over time and the spine may become weak if these correctors are not worn which may lead to injury of the spine
  • Teenagers facing Scoliosis are advised to wear these correctors to prevent progression of spinal curvature, may not benefit from these and may have to go for surgery

Using this Magnetic Posture Corrector is beneficial if worn for a short period of time maybe 30 minutes per day for a few weeks. Long term usage may cause harm than relieving your problem.

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