Celebrate Diwali with Corporate Gifts Card

Gifting is never easy. It is more of a nerve wracking experience than a pleasurable one, for most. Actually, gifting is like art. You need to get a lot of things right to get that perfect gift that people can appreciate and love. Right from the budget and the suitability to the looks, the parameters of perfect gifting are way too many and differ for different people.

Corporate gifting isn’t different. In fact, it’s a step ahead in terms of the challenges it presents because appropriateness and suitability are two key factors that are hard to compromise, especially in a corporate setup. Of course, a budget is always a pre-defining factor for gifting in any situation.

Conceptually, the idea of corporate gifting is slowly evolving and more corporate professionals today are looking to move away from the sphere of traditional gifting. The need for corporate gifting to be appropriate and appealing at the same time is finding a more active expression and thus an active seeking for solutions.  

Gone are the days where gifting ought to be restricted to pens, diaries and stuff especially from the stationary clan. Employees and channel partners want to be able to do a lot more with the gifts they receive and also the fact that gifts need to add value to their lives and not be items of mere use & throw. At the same time, HR professionals today want to expand their scope by moving away from traditional gifting and opening a whole new world of experiences for employees & partners. This synthesis is the evolution of the corporate gifting experience.

Corporate Gifts

There is no doubt that the online market for shopping is expanding by leaps and bounds in the last few years and freedom of choice has become a no brainer. With such myriad options available today to choose from in the online space, it has left the consumer with raised expectations and set a higher paradigm for the best gifting experience.

To put it simply, freedom to choose is becoming an uncompromising gifting parameter for corporates professionals for it caters to the basic human desire to expand and evolve.

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Players like Edenred India which are digitally savvy have been pushing the boundaries of corporate gifting to a whole new level. Ticket Compliments Premium Gift Card offers unmatched freedom to choose a gift of choice from over 1.2 million terminals accepting MasterCard (both POS and Online). What is also worth a mention is that what makes Ticket Compliments Premium Gift card stand apart as a corporate gifting solution is the 2% Extra benefit it offers.

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