7 Incredible Tips to be keeping in mind while shopping jewellery

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Most of you like to purchase things from the online sites and local markets. However, when it comes to the jewellery then you need to careful.

There are 7 incredible tips you should keep in while shopping for jewellery are:

1. Stamp or Hallmark on the jewellery

Do you know about stamp or hallmark on the jewellery? For your information, the jewellery comes with stamp or hallmark on it. Therefore, the jewellery you are buying posses stamp on it then it is not stamped. However, this is not so, there is need to worry. Further, you can ask the shopkeeper to show you the hallmark or stamp on the jewellery.

2. Certificate of the diamond jewellery

Diamond jewellery comes with the certificate. In fact, this is proof that the diamonds are real or fake. Apart from that, you can ask from the jeweler to show you the certificate of the diamonds. However, if the jeweler does not agree to show you the certificate then the diamonds on the jewellery are not real.

3. Use magnet to test the gold

Are you aware of the fact that gold does not attract the magnet? If not, then you should remember that gold does not attract a magnet. In fact, you can use the magnet to check of gold.

However, if the gold jewellery attracts the magnet then mixing has done in the jewellery.

4. Check details of the company

Are you planning to buy the jewellery online? If yes, then first check the details of the company. Furthermore, it is important to check the name and other important details about the company. However, if you are not sure about the company then do not buy the jewellery online.

5. Check the jewellery

Do you check the jewellery before making the payment? If not then you should check the jewellery before making payment. In fact, this is necessary to check the jewellery. What can you do to check the jewellery? It is quite easy to check the jewellery. What you need to do is bite the piece of jewellery if it soft then the jewellery is pure. However, the jewellery piece has soldered then you should not buy the jewellery.

6. Check the appearance of the jewellery

The jewellery has polished with rhodium then it appears to look whitish. In fact, the whitish appearance of the jewellery can tell you if the jewellery is real or fake. You should know that the real jewellery has its own shine. However, if that shine is not there then the jewellery is not real.

7. Return Policy

You are buying the jewellery online. Before buying the jewellery, check the return policy of the company. Once you get the jewellery check its weight and hallmark from the local jeweler. However, the jewellery is fake then you can ask for your money back.

The above can surely help you for buying the jewellery. In fact, keeping these tips in mind you cannot become the prey of fake jewellery.

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