Is Cell Phones really healthy for your Cells?

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In this, increase in Internet Connection world, somewhere we all are forgetting our connections with family members and friends. For most of us, mobile phones have become the most important part of our life. And of course, how can we forget the 4g phones and data packs which look like free of cost.

The 20’s kids can never understand the feeling of playing outdoor games in the evening, spending time with family, making plans for watching a movie before its release in the theater and unlimited fun which 90’s kids used to do. Everything has good as well as the bad side. So does the cell phones. They have made our lives so easy. Now it is very easy to talk with your near and dear ones and be in contact with your old friends. If you have any doubt in any word just look its meaning in a cell phone, if you are sitting ideally while traveling you can watch any video or can listen to songs. In simple language, cell phones have made difficult works very easy.

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But on the other hands, it’s overuse has increased more problems than benefits. In this Facebook and Whatsapp apps you can make fake ids and can stock anyone, many people indulge in pornography, distraction in your work especially studies, overuse can effect eyes sight, hearing problems, when you keep them in your upper pocket of the shirt and when it vibrates effects your heart.

Nowadays, many cases have been reported that due to continuous typing habit, thumb and index fingers bone has become weak and taunted. You all must have heard about selfie and even love to take but many cases of fall from a mountain, drown in river water while taking selfie have come forward. The launching of new brands of cell phones attracts us and we want them at any cost sometimes without thinking about family’s financial condition. And how can I forget the most highlighted game of 2017 i.e. ‘BLUE WHALE’ which took lives of thousands of small kids? It used to find depressed people and make them do awful events and at last, command to die.

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It is truly said ‘The Excess of everything is bad’. So, it implies to your connection with cell phones also. At last, I want to say that use it wisely and don’t get it addicted to it because natural beauty is really beautiful than this man-made technology and time spend with your near and dear ones is much worthful than spending with it.

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