How Selfie has become a trend in India Society?

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Food, clothing and shelter are important for the existence of human beings. In today’s technological world apart from food, clothing and shelter, the need which is most important for us and its demand has drastically risen is a mobile phone, selfies and what’s app. Many types of mobile phone options are available in the market Apple iPhone,┬áSamsung and Nokia etc. The most popular and talked about in the market is iPhone 7 and different kinds of stylish and trendy mobile covers are also available in the market to give your phone a trendy look.

Smartphone is with you, click a selfie. If define Selfie in a well-defined way means that clicking photo by our own with the help of a smartphone, webcam etc and uploading on the social media. It has a become a trend in the society to click on the selfie and upload it in India. We want to share our each and every moment and upload on social media. The young have become more indulged in selfies. They want to click selfie at the interesting destination. As not being addicted to selfie is a great thing you can click your own photo without asking anyone to click your photos. Many phones are available with inbuilt selfie features. Selfie stick is available to click selfies easily. iPhone 7 provides a great feature of the rear view camera with 7 megapixels.
It has become a fashion of clicking selfies in India but sometimes this kind of hobby can become an addiction and then dangerous to life.

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The news channels and newspaper every day are full of the news of accidents and loss of life happening due to the selfies. The person addicted to selfie clicks it has happening destinations to show how cool he or she is and sometimes makes life in danger.
Inventions are made to my our lives and to let us know about something new and the excess of anything can threating and dangerous.

So Its a advise using the resources wisely.

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