Visit the countries where Indian currency is more valuable

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Every man dreams of traveling abroad, but due to heavy pockets he cannot fulfill it and as the Indian are struggling to make financial plans for the new fiscal year, in this way, fewer people are walking around, But planning to roam in countries like Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, which has a higher value for Indian currency, is a smart option. Search engine Sky Scanner, which relates to international travel, has listed countries that can come in your budget. This list is prepared based on data related to the search details and money value of over five million users worldwide:

Costa Rica: Costa Rica, one of the top happy countries of the year 2016, can make the journey of Indian travelers truly enjoyable. The exchange rates are in favor of the Indian currency and traveling to this beautiful country will make you a cheaper travel by making a booking in November. Visitors can travel from the coast to the coast in just three hours. Here you can enjoy adventure sports like snorkeling, surfing c, jet skiing, rafting. In this country full of beautiful natural scenes, travelers are easily able to see a beautiful parrot from one colorful to the other.

Zimbabwe: This country is most suitable for nature and for lovers. Wildlife can see you through Safari very well. To travel, this country is also in your budget according to the price of Indian rupees. Book your trip in February for cheap air travel. You can see the famous Victoria Waterfall here. Tours can be visited at Mosotho’s National Park, Mutare Town, Chinohai Caves etc.

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Indonesia: Bali is the favorite tourist destination for Indian tourists. Sky Skinner’s Data Travel to the World’s Largest Island Country will be cheaper in May. This country, popular for coral reef and clear blue water, will love those who like to visit the beach.

Sri Lanka: Located in the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka is a suitable country for excursions. Due to being in the tour of this country in the country, here a large number of Indians arrive. Although, due to cheap prices, it can be thought of going back to this country, but it is the right time to book air travel in May and June.

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