Happy Holi: Do not allow external colors to remain on this wall

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Holi is the festival of colors, which is celebrated every year in the month of Phagun (March) by Hindu fanaticism. This festival filled with excitement brings affection and proximity to each other for us.

Happy Holi

On Holi, We all enjoy a lot of with our friend and with our family as well as our children also enjoy the colors. You cannot stop children from celebrating Holi. But you can definitely save the impression of their mischief on your walls. On Holi not only you but also the walls of your houses also fall in color, it is often difficult to clean many times. Therefore you can get rid of this difficulty by taking precaution before and after the Holi. With these easy ways, you can retain the colors of your walls…

Use Stain-resistant Colors on the wall –

There are many types of finishes (types of colors) for walls in the market (matte, semi-gloss and glossy). Warts should use stain-resistant colors on the wall. Because it can be easily cleaned on the walls of the spots.

Do not rub the walls to remove the scars –

On Holi do not rub tightly on the walls. On the walls, the synthetic colors usually have dark spots. So to avoid stains, avoid rubbing it too much. To protect the colors from spoiling, avoid stains from the hot towel.

Take care of the interior too –

We forgot the interior of our house while enjoying the Holi. On Holi, Not only care of outside of the walls but also care of the interior. Cover the walls, wood products and furniture inside the house. With the help of water-containing enamel, you can protect the roof, windows, and doors.

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Use eco-friendly colors –

You can keep the walls of the house safe by using chemical-friendly environmentally friendly colors. They do not affect your health and they are also very impractical in appearance.

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