‘DEPRESSION- LET’S TALK’ on World Health Day

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Depression is an illness characterized by persistent sadness and loss of interest in activities that you normally enjoy for at least two weeks. Depression can result in suicide, addiction of some drugs, irritability, indulge in games like– BLUE WHALE. To create awareness about depression, WHO theme on World Health Day 7th April 2017 was “DEPRESSION – LET’S TALK”.

Depression is a mental disorder which can affect people of all ages. But it mostly affects– adolescents, women of childbearing age and old people (over 60s). So, it is very important to start a campaign which can break down the stigma against it.


  • Poverty and Unemployment,
  • Loss of loved ones,
  • Failures in work,
  • Sexual assault,
  • Physical illness,
  • Problems due to drugs and alcohol,
  • Not sharing your problems with family or friends,
  • Burden of work


  • A loss of energy,
  • Lack of concentration,
  • Change in appetite,
  • Sleep more or less,
  • Anxiety,
  • Guilt, feeling of hopelessness,
  • Thoughts of self-harm and suicide

Depression can cause other noncommunicable diseases like DIABETES, HYPERTENSION, and HEART PROBLEMS. A depressed woman following childbirth affects the development of the child.


A very big reason behind depression among youngsters is – lack of communication between parents and their children. A parent is always ready to help you in any situation but sometimes teenagers think that their parents won’t support them, they will scold them for their mistakes or they don’t know anything. Most of us prefer to work on the internet instead of spending quality time with family. In this busy life, most of the parents are working; they cannot give time to their kids as they become tired at the end of the day.

Due to peer pressure or to look cool, many teenagers get addicted to drugs and alcohol. They start believing that solution to every problem is taking drugs as it gives you energy and enthusiasm.

In case of childbearing women, depression is increasing because sometimes husband and other family members do not cooperate during pregnancy and in household work. Mood swings occur during pregnancy, at that time a pregnant lady wants at least her husband to be with her.

In old age cases, the main reason is loneliness. Because of the generation gap, grandchildren do not like talking to their grandparents or their own children do not accept them and send them to old age homes.


  • Suicide,
  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol,
  • Recently, a game – ‘BLUE WHALE’ is launched whose main targets are depressed people. It makes them do some hurtful task and suicide at the end.


  • Parents and their children should spend some quality time. Parents should keep an eye on their children so that they do not indulge in bad habits, do not spend more time on the internet.
  • A pregnant woman must be kept happy by her family by all means. After childbirth also, the family should cooperate in her work.
  • And old age people should be considered as family’s part. Other family members should not be irritated from them.

Let’s join our hand to make depression campaign a successful one and remove depression from its roots.

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