The best summer drinks, which will give you cool realization

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If we get some cold in the summer, it seems as if we have come to heaven. Suppose your child or partner is tired of sweating, sweaty home coming home and hopefully now they get a cold water glass. If you present some excellent cool recipes in front of them, then there will be no room for their happiness. Yes, present in the best summer drinks that give you a sense of coolness

Coconut Lemonade: Mix one and a half cup lemon juice, ¾ cup sugar, 8 cups of coconut water and 4 cups of water in a glass and mix well. Add half teaspoon lavender syrup from top and mix

Apple Cedar: Insert 2 cinnamon in the glass. Mix equal quantity of cranberry juice and apple cider in it. Garnish with rock candy and serve it with a stick.

Chocolate Mock: Make a coating of chocolate syrup inside the glass. Blend half cup chocolate milk, 1 cup mint chocolate chip ice cream and 4 ice pieces and serve them in glass and serve them.

Mix-tail: Mix 1 apple, 1 cup strawberry, 2 orange, 1 cup frozen grapes into grapes juice. Serve garnish with candy fruit gel.

Fox Champagne: 1 cup grapes, 1 cup chopped pineapple and 2 orange juice mixed with 1 tsp spoon ginger juice. Serve with a straw and frozen grapes from oats.

Lemon Cool: Blend 1 cup of raspberry and ginger juice in 1 tsp lemon juice. Put lightly salt and serve this spicy moccas with designer straw.

Moscow Mule: Mix 400 ml lemon juice, half cup ginger beer, 1 teaspoon syrup, 8 ml club soda and 3-5 pieces of ice into a glass and mix well. Serve with a small piece of ginger.

Roger Mocktail: Mix 1 part of Grenadine syrup, two pieces of soft drink with glass in the glass. Serve garnish with maraschino cherries and serve them.

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Zalpino Fresca: Blend 4 cups of watermelon pieces, 1 cup of coconut water and a quarter cup of olive syrup. Insert snow in the glass and serve.

10 Lemon Blueberries: 8 cups lemon juice, 2 cups coconut milk, 1 cup grinder syrup, frozen blueberries blend together and serve on cooling.

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