Dhanteras: Importance of Buying Gold, Utensils and New Clothes

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The five-day festival begins with Dhanteras. It is the first day of Diwali. On this day most of us go out for shopping of new clothes, utensils and gold items.

It is auspicious to buy new things on this day. It is believed that on Dhanteras Goddesses Lakshmi visits Earth to give blessings of prosperity and good health to all the devotees. I think so that planning for the shopping is going on. This year Dhanteras is on 17 October.
While preparing the shopping list you should note down the four most important items which should be purchased on the day of Dhanteras to bring Good luck to your home:

1. Coriander seeds

On the day of Dhanteras buy Coriander seeds. It is a symbol of money. During the time to worship goddess Lakshmi you have offered it to all the gods and goddesses and after that, you can sow them in a pot and the left ones you can put them in your locker with Kodi and Gomati Chakra.

2.Silver coin or Steel utensil

You can buy silver items or utensils according to your wish. If you are available to do heavy shopping then buy a spoon offer it to Goddess Lakshmi during Lakshmi pooja. After the pooja gets over to put the silver item or utensil you have purchased in your locker where you keep your money. It is helpful to the improvement of financial condition.

3. Mud made an idol of an Elephant and Dhanvantri

The final preparations are going on now to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. On Dhanteras every one of us buys new things as they believe is that it brings prosperity. Firstly before starting your shopping you should buy mud made idol of an Elephant and Dhanvantri and place them in your temple. Worship them at the time of Lakshmi pooja.

4. Gift items to wife and females of the family

Men should gift make items or anything else to their wife. If not married then any married women of their family.

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Auspicious Time for Purchase of things

Dhanteras all the 24 hours of the day are auspicious to buy new things but if we buy the things we want at a specific time then it will be more beneficial.
• 7:33 AM- Food items.
• 9:13 AM – Vehicles, machines, and clothes.
• 2:12 PM- Gadgets.
• 3:51PM- Items for the business and computer
• 5:31PM- Jewellery and Utensils
• 7:11PM- Household items.
Enjoy the shopping and don’t forget to buy the essential things mentioned above. You want to get more benefits on your purchased items then purchase them at a particular time.

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