Digital Marketing in India

Digital marketing is the fastest growing sector of India. It has spread in almost every sectors of the country. The applications of the digital marketing are E-mail marketing, shopping, online tracking, online banking, payment systems and content system. DM is a powerful tool. It manages in the disappearance of geophysical barriers. You can see significant growth in the digital marketing career. You can have a look at the big picture of the DM companies in the industry. We go back in the history and have a look at the coming of the digital marketing in India.

ARPENET organize a sale for the students in the year 1971 and 1972. It arranges the sale in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

The items include the sales are electronics or digital commerce. Michael Aldrich demonstrates fist online system for the DM. After that, a fast pace of development takes place in the digital marketing companies of India. UK first B2B business set up by Thomson Holidays in 1981. The startup for the digital marketing companies in India takes place in the year 1996. After few years, Flipkart enters in the digital marketing company of India in 2007.

As we look at the statistics of 2011, it shows a rise in the use of mobile phones and tablets. With this rise, there is an increase in the internet usage. This adds profession expertise in the field of digital marketing. There is an impressive growth in the digital marketing companies of India. From 2013 to 2019, the investments increase by 1.5 billion dollars over the previous years.

The report of the International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation reveals that India is in the golden period of the India sector in 2013-2018. There are incredible opportunities in E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Search, Online Content and the services related to DM.
The use of communication is responsible for the growth of DM companies in India. We have started the use of digital tools for communication.

There is a belief that Internet is full of lies. No one may buy groceries online or any other items. The scenario has changed.
There is a shift in the DM sector in India. Marketing sector is shifting from the anonymity of identity. Indians need exciting spirits always. Somehow changes in the lifestyle and household income increases the scope of DM.

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Survey conduct from the people shows the trend of Digital marketing companies in India:
• In 2013, 34% companies engage in DM.
• Some of the marketers believe that there is a need for change in the traditional marketing. Around 72% marketers believe that there is a need for change.
Companies in the DM sector of India are- Web chutney, Pin storm, Observe, Gazopp, Windchimes Communications Private Limited etc.

Digital marketing overview shows that social media plays an important role in it. Over the years, there is a rise in the use of social media platforms by the users.

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