How to select an Advertising Agency

Number of advertising agency wanting your business but how can you choose best for your company? The selection of advertising agencies depends on whether one wants a full-service agency or part time agency. The selection is also made on basis of compatibility of the agency team, agency stability, services, credibility and the agency’s problem solving approach. 
• Full-Service Agency or Part-Time Agency

The full service agency is involved completely in the advertising functions. It has a large number of expert employees. The organization is typically useful for perform advertising activities. It looks upon customers as key clients. It communicates with the prospective purchasers. The distinguishing characteristics of the various advertising agencies lie in the creative skills of the personnel of each organization and in the philosophy of advertising. Larger agencies offer better services.
Part-time agency offers service on free of cost or project basis. These agencies perform various outside activities and co-ordinate the activities of the advertiser and media man. Client have better control over advertising campaigns. Advertisers generally embrace on advertising activities with the help of part-time agencies. The selection of a particular agency depends on its size, its services, knowledge and growth.
• Compatibility
The selection of an advertising agency depends on the compatibility of the agency. The needs of the company determine the fitness of the agency. The advertisers visits several agencies and chooses the best agency on the basis of its merits, its methods of handing the account and using the available opportunities.
Agency Team
The selection team includes management specialists, market researchers, copywriters, media experts, production managers and art directors. The attitude, thinking, experience and personalities of the team members have positive effect on the selection process.
• Agency stability
An agency which has been long in existence generally performs efficiently and effectively. The greater the investment in the agency the more vital the contribution of the agency to then advertising activities. The personal, finance, management and credit are examined before selecting a suitable advertising agency.
• Services
The services render by the agency are evaluated with a view to choosing the best advertising agency. Cost accounting, general agreements, project estimate, selling attitudes and other services performed by the advertising agencies are considered to evaluate their efficiency and credibility in performing advertising jobs. The greater the range of any agency’s services, the more fully it can serve the client’s needs. The agency can serve the clients by its potential capacity for advertising, sales promotion, media placement, public relations, market research, sales training and distribution channels.
• Creativity
Creativity is a main element in advertising. If the advertising agency is capable of great creativity effects, it is selected for the purpose. Style, clarity, impact memorability, and action- these are taken into account while evaluating creativity.
• Problem- solving Approach
The agency which has a problem-solving is considered to be superior and useful. The importance of choosing the right agency cannot be ignored. Caliber, compatibility, balanced services, responsiveness, talent, and equitable compensation these are important factors in selecting and advertising agency.

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