Who will be the Drama King and Queen of Big Boss Season 11?

The most awaited TV show for all of us Big Boss Season 11 premiered on 1st October of this month. Now weekends will awesome be watching the show with full of drama. Hope so drama will be soaring in this season with the contestants. On the first day of the show cleared the upcoming happening in the show and I don’t think so no one of us likes to miss out the upcoming “Dhamaka” events of the show.

The concept of the show and Salman Khan anchoring are always being the attraction part of the show. In Every season Salman brings out something new which forces the audience to glued to the TV sets.

Any season of Big Boss does not end without a big blast of controversy. The first day of the show revealed who can be the drama king or queen of the big boss.

Tough fight between Shilpa and Sapna. Arshi behavior with the neighbours. Entry of Daewood relative Zubair Khan to the self-proclaimed god women Shivani Durga high expectation from the audience. It might be soon to tell about the drama king or queen of the as the show will proceed further you will automatically get to know about the popular characters of the show which will useful in raising the TRP charts giving a tough fight to the daily soaps. Sapna, Shilpa, Bandgi Kalra and Arshi are in the race of drama queen whereas the Bandgi’s dramatic promo on the premiere. Here are few guesses of the drama queen.

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Nomination for the Drama king are Punesh Sharma, Luv Tyagi, Zubair Khan and Akash Anil Dadlani.
Akash put in the ‘Kal Kothari‘ right on the premiere. Fight between Zubair and Vikas. Vikas narrating his story of struggles to Hina Khan. The story is real or fake can’t say. Troubles makers of the show Puneesh Sharma and Luv Tyagi. Fight between Punesh and Zubair. Luv taking advantage of being a neighbour.

First day full of drama and suspense.
What do you think who can be drama king and queen of Big Boss Season 11?

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