Most Irritating Contestant of Bigg Boss 11: Mehjabi Siddhiqui

Bigg Boss 11 is full of drama and controversies. Contestants like Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde are drama flavor of the show. They both give birth to the controversies. You all know aware of the viral video of Hina Khan. Apart from Hina and Shilpa, there are some contestants famous for the controversies. Mehjabi Siddhiqui is one of them.

Now she is not the part of the house. Salman evicted her from the house. The reasons behind her eviction are:

• Failure to make friends

Mehjabi Siddhiqui evicted from the house because she fails to make any friends in the house. She is not able to friendly any kind of friendly relations with the housemates. She has a feeling of hatred for the housemates. She gets out from the house with regret not able to teach a lesson to every member. The housemates nominated her because of the unfriendly reason. Salman gives a final decision.

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Hina and Mehjab fight
The high point of the show is Hina and Mehjab fight. She uses bad comments for Hina. Mehjab calls Hina make up girl. She thinks that Hina can do anything to Big Boss 11. Everyone has a problem with Hina Khan. Celebs of the TV industry did not like the way of Hina Khan in Big Boss. Hina is dominating. Hina is a proud person. She needs beauty, pride and money. All these three things are important for her. In her daily soap, she looks beautiful and sanskari bahu. Actually, she is a person with a different personality.

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Bigg Boss is impossible without drama. It attracts the audience to Bigg Boss. This, in turn, increases the TRP and fan following of the show. This show has big stars. Some people make their mark for a certain period. Like Mehjab, she regrets leaving the house. She wants to complete the unfinished work left in the house.

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