6 Basic Essentials on which a Programmer, Gamer, Hacker depend on

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Here is a list of top essentials, for being a true gamer/hacker

1. Laptop Hard skin

The laptop hard skin protects the Laptop from dust, dirt and even protects your laptop from a small mistake fall. Also, it makes your laptop look more stylish and awesome!

2. Hacking tools such as- Backtrack OS, Kali Linux

Backtrack OS and Kali Linux, These applications are the foundation for any new hacker or a programmer, by these applications you can hack wifi, steal passwords and much more.

3. A power bank

A hacker or a programmer, they never want to go out of POWER that is why they always, have substitute power backup, for their important tasks, so, in case of emergency power breaks they could back up the data.

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4. A cooling pad

For extreme to moderate gamers, a COOLING PAD is not compulsory, but its mandatory.
Cooling pad, cools down the C.P.U which in turn increases the performance of your Laptop, and also helps to run the games, GLITCH FREE small tip: Try to buy the cooling pad, which has bars of metal, not cheap plastic!

5. Wireless Keyboard and mouse

Do you PRESS the buttons even harder, when there’s an INTENSE scene while playing Games? Don’t worry SKB, is here for you, just buy a WIRELESS KEYBOARD and MOUSE, or a Game Controller, and all your worries are gone. No matter how hard you press, it won’t damages your LAPTOP.

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6. A USB Flash Drive

What if someday, your Windows version got corrupted, what will you do? Don’t you need your data back? So, here comes AN USB FLASH DRIVE, which will not only, get your data back, but will also Install WINDOWS version, and bring your laptop back to, It’s original Interface.

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