10 Best Web Browser for Mac OS

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Web Browsing is one of the important tasks on the Scathe best web browser for the Android and IOS cannot be best for Mac OS. Mac OS is growing as the best OS among the users. It is the most preferred among the users.

The list of the top 10 best web browser is as follows:


Chrome is recommended as the best web browser and it is considered as one of the best browsers for Android as well as IOS users. It is considered as the most popular brewers on the web which is developed by GOOGLE. Chrome is not for the users who like to utilize each drop of the battery.

Features of Chrome are as follows:

• You can open many tabs without freezing in the Chrome Browser.
• A safe browser has a great reputation.
• Minimal design is the best feature of Chrome.
• It has all the features the best browser should have.
• It provides a smoother rendering of the web pages and clutters free environment.

2. Mozilla Firebox

Mozilla Firebox another browser than Chrome for MAC OS which has worth mentioning here. It is still old in the game but still considers as a good browser. It is the great option for the Mac OS users. You can easily perform any task and when you assign to an Add-on.
Overall it can be said that it is considered to be one of the best browsers ever made.

Features of Mozilla Firebox are as follows:

• Live bookmarks and live titles are included.
• Integrated searches like Google, Bing etc.
• Improved Tab browsing option is also included.
• Each and quick restore.
• It is packed with a spell checker to improve language quality.
• Smooth rendering technology makes it easy to use.


Opera is a brilliant choice for the any of the operating system. It is the best browser for those who have a slow Internet connection as the turbo mode of the browser is simply awesome. As it can help in increasing the loading speed of pages by multiple folds.

Features of Opera for Mac as follows:

• Reload the page in every x minute as per the schedule.
• Opera mail is inbuilt to manage the emails of clients.
• Smooth browsing experience along with easy navigation.
• Various mouse gestures are supported for great user satisfaction.
• Packed with RSS-reader with the Email client.

4. Torch

Chrome Browser Younger Brother-Torch browser is another one of the best browsers for Mac Post has got a rise in its popularity suddenly because with its unique design and awesome features. It is somewhat similar to Google Chrome with some modifications.

Highlighting facts about Torch are as follows:

• Supports each and every extension that is available in the Google Chrome web store.
• Downloading being supported with t browser.
• Smooth web surfing experience.
• A wide range of themes available for Torch browser.
• Fast, Simple and safe for Mac OS.


Maxthon is one of the powerful web browsers for Macbook OS X ever made. Simple yet powerful software to access internet on Mac OS X.It is the best browser for those who are looking for a browser which they can install favorite chrome extensions but do not want to use chrome.

Features of Maxton Browser:

• Magic fill to save your username and password safely.
• Multiscreen supported with seamless multitasking
• Sync and see favorites anywhere and anytime.
• Various mouse gestures supported by a better experience.

6. Camino Browser

Made for Mac-OS-It is the great as well as the best browser for the MAC users, being powerful enough to rank in the web browsers for Mac OS list. This browser is permanently discontinued but you can the latest version from the official website.

Features of Camino are as follows:

• Only available for Mac users.
• Better user interface and smooth experience.
• Old browser for Mac started in 2005 to serve as a browser.
• Specially it is designed for Mac users which have makes it perfect for Mac.

7. Apple Safari

The pre-installed browser in Mac OS-Apple Safari is the best web browser because it is pre-installed on Mac OS and Macbooks.It is one of the favorite browsers of the users because of its easy availability. Sometimes the Safari browser seems to be leggy but it is completely worth it as battery backup is unbeatable in this Mac browser.

Apple Safari browser features are as follows:

• Third-party cookie blocking to be on a safer side.
• Great extensions available in the Apple Store.
• Easy sharing with share menu.
• Better performance great user satisfaction
• Faster than Chrome and Firefox up to 1.7 times.

8. Flock Web Browser

It is the best browser for social media lovers. Actually, this browser is a discontinued browser but you can still download Flock Web Browser from third party links.

Features of Flock Web Browsers are as follows:

• Based on Firefox latest version.
• Super fast uploading of images to sites.
• Supports more than 20 social networking sites.
• Drop page option is available to share on social media instantly.

9. Omni Browser

Omni browser, it is one of the powerful browsers for Mac users which is absolutely free of cost. It is featured with a rich browser and lots of exciting features like a side-tabbed browser. The browser is a bit slow consumes a high amount of RAM. Due to this reason, startup time is high and you may face lag of time of switching between different tabs and some other random crashes too.

10. Rock Melt Browser

Rock Melt Browser is from Yahoo is referred as one of the featured rich browsers ever made. It is best for the users who are looking to sync their data on various computers easily. Moreover, you can install Chrome extensions easily. It has a powerful search bar which cane rely effectively on upon. It is a free web browser which can be downloaded from third-party sites.

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