Google’s Pixel Copied More Than Just The iPhone’s Design!

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Is there any serious disarray on the off chance that I say that the tech monster Google’s Pixel cell phone is for all intents and purposes a duplicate of the tech mammoth Apple’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Obviously, the answer is ‘No’, right.

Notwithstanding, it is a decent outline, indeed, more cell phones including the tech monster Apple’s iPhone 6, 6s, 7 configurations have been sold more than some other cell phone plan on the planet.

Yet, aside from this, the primary concern is, as you recall, a couple days back numerous clients have reported issues that influenced the Nexus 6P. With the new Android Nougat 7.1, the gadgets demonstrated issues in the start-up and in the battery, turning itself off with simply under half load.

Presently, it appears that the tech goliath Google’s Pixel cell phones are likewise experiencing a similar issue. Yes, sounds truly strange, when the gadget has around 30% of battery power it naturally kills.

Clients of Huawei Nexus 6P were energetic about the redesign of the working framework that presented to them the Nougat, yet from that point forward, the issues have been a steady progression and clients surrender all expectations regarding a determination.

Notwithstanding the Nexus 6Ps halting and unplugging for no evident reason somewhere around 25 and 35% battery, now the ailment is additionally influencing the most recent Google Nexus.

Some Reddit clients have reported that their Google Pixel gadgets are additionally experiencing the bug that turns off their cell phone. Some Pixel telephones kill when the battery is at 30% and won’t turn on again until the power is turned on.

A client with the moniker “vrski_15”, left the accompanying data:-

“Twice in most recent 5 days, have the telephone close down unexpectedly while I am in the center of something. In both examples, a battery was between 25-35%, and the telephone under ordinary conditions ought to have gone on for in any event next 3-4 hours”.

Huawei, with respect to the issues that showed up in the Nexus 6P, evacuated having begun in the equipment, putting the fault on the new Android. Presently the issue is by all accounts the new working framework from Google that conveys these side effects to the gadgets.

The inquisitive thing is that a few clients have minimized to the Marshmallow Android variant and the issue still holds on. This situation, which is presently more genuine, provoked Huawei to examine the case together with the tech monster Google. In spite of the fact that the organization has not yet uncovered the cause, presumably, the issues, whether on Huawei Nexus 6P or Google Pixel, have a similar birthplace or not.

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