Hair Fall Problem You Can Solve It Only By Diet

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Often the changing seasons, unhealthy lifestyle, Don’t care for diet and Not adhering to the hair is the main reason for Hair fall.Then you’re at any age Everyone has a hair problem. Founder of Nutri-Health and Nutrition Shikha Sharma told How will take diet After The Problem of Hairfall? So Let’s Know How can Healthy diet make your Hair Best?

Vitamin B Complex – Hair roots & Scalp get oxygen by taking Vitamin B Complex.It increases hair. After Taking Vitamin B Complex, The effect can be seen in a week. It also improves damaged hair and improves hair’s shining. Vitamin B Complex found in Seman Fish and Tuna Fish.

Zinc – Dry Scalp, hair losse, nd Dandruff problem seems to be a lack of zinc. To Fulfill the Lack Of Zinc, Should eat lentils, nuts, Haul Grain, meet, see food.

Copper – Copper increase the production of Himoglobin in the body.By this, Oxygen reaches in the end of the hair.Copper Usually finds in Soya, Cashew , Sesame seeds and meet.

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Iron – Iron also increase the production of Hemoglobin.Lake Of Iron, Hair’s Root Get feeble.It does hair breakage. To fulfill the lake of Iron, we should use Spinach, Soybean, Masur lentils, Beans, chicken & Fish in our daily life.

Vitamin C – It helps to Collagen Production. It helps to hold the hair tissue. Lake of Vitamin C can be a Hairfall problem.Vitamin C founds in Oranges, Lemon, Berry, watermelons, Tomato and Blackberry.

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Protein – Protein helps to produce new hair. Protein founds in Beans, nuts , milk, products of milk, fish, eggs, chicken and Holgrain.

Folic Acid – Folic acid is essential for the maintenance of the hair. Lake of this, Hairs seem to be white.It finds in Masur lentils, Avocado, Broccoli, Spinach, peas, dried beans, Turnip, Ladyfinger, Greens, Citrus fruits, and juices.

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Biotin – Hair loss can be a reason for the lack of Biotin. Biotin Founds in Eggs, Fish oil, Almond, Milk and Milk Products.

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