Three easy to cook South Indian Dishes for a newly wed bride

I know that many new wedded brides are in trouble situation. They do not know what to make. In your in-law’s house, you feel the absence of your mom. She guides in your cooking. Now you feel shy to ask your mom-in-law. Not to worry newly wedded brides. You may not be aware of the South Indian Dishes. The South Indian Dishes are easy to cook and of high nutrients. You can try something unique. This can make your special place in your new family. Food is the weakness of many people.

There are three best easy to cook South Indian Dishes for a newly Wed Bride

1. Tomato Rasam
Rasam is the one simple South Indian Dish. You cook it nicely then it tastes great. You can replace the rasam with your yellow dal. This can be a change for your taste buds.
Ingredients (3 People)
• Lemon size tamarind
• 1 ¼ Sāmbhar Powder
• ¾ Haldi Powder
• Salt Per Taste
• Small Pieces of powdered Hing
• 1 Tomato
• Mustard Seeds
• Few Curry Leaves
• 2-3Tsp Ghee

• Pour one ½ cups of water is a vessel.
• Put some tamarind in it.
• There is a change in the color of the water in the vessel.
• Sprinkle some hing in the vessel.
• Put some Sāmbhar powder, haldi and salt.
• Let the mixture boil for 10 minutes.
• Now take separate kadai and add 2tsp of ghee.
• Wait for the ghee to heat up. Add some mustard seeds to it.
• Put some water in the kadai and wait until the seeds splutter.
• Put the tadka mixture in the rasam. Stir it.
• Garnish the rasam with the coriander leaves.

2. Tomato thokku
Tomato thoku is nothing but a form of tomato chutney. This chutney is the favorite of the South Indians. However, in our Indian food culture chutney plays an important part. You can team up the chutney with pulao, paratha and pakodas almost everything.
• 1Kg Tomatoes
• 20 Red Chilies
• 1 Tsp Hing
• Salt per taste
• Lemon Size Tamarind
• 2-3 Tsp mustard oil
• 1 Tsp meethi seeds
• Wash the tomatoes.
• Cut the tomatoes into two halves.
• Mix the ingredients in the mixer and grind them.
• Take a pan. Put some mustard oil. Wait until the oil heat.
• Put the mixer in the pan.
• Stir for 10 minutes until it becomes thick.
• Take a kadai and add 1 Tsp meethi seeds.
• Grind the heated meethi seeds.
• Mix the grinded meethi seeds in the paste.
• Your chutney is ready.

3. Mor Kuzhambu
Mor Kuzambhu is the South Indian Kadai. It is the fusion of curd with Sāmbhar.
• 1 Green Chili
• 1 Cup Curd
• 1 Tsp Jeera
• 1 Cup of Grated Coconut
• 1 Tsp of Rice Powder
• 1 Chickpea Flour
• Few Curry Leaves
• Mustard Seeds
• 1-2 Tsp oil
• Vegetable (Brinjal, Pumpkin and Ladyfinger)
• Grind Green Chili, Grated Coconut and jeera in a mixie.
• Add 1 tsp rice powder, 1tsp chickpea flour and salt per taste.
• Mix the mixture well.
• Heat the mixture. Switch off the gas when it starts to boil.
• Use a separate pan to cook the vegetables.
• Add haldi powder and salt into the mixture for taste.
• Add the vegetable and the mixture in the curd and mix well.
• Prepare the tadka.
• For this, you need to heat the oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds. Pour water in the pan when the seeds sputter.
• Put the tadka in the curd mixture and mix it well.

I hope my article can help the newlywed in their new home. She is able to make a special place in a family. South Indian Dishes can play an important for her. This is because these dishes are easy to cook and healthy.

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