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Primary hair fall reasons in Man’s

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Everyone faces the problem of hair fall in their life, the quality of hair decreases as you get old, but the problem increased when your hair started falling at an early age, 20-30, there are several reasons for hair fall at an early age. That could be related to your diet, living lifestyle, environment and excess use of chemicals; hair is an external part of your body, and they need some extra care.

It is normal when you spot 10-15 hair loss each day, more than this is abnormal, and it is strongly recommended to visit a dermatologist.

Some of the primary hair fall reasons in the man are-

Excess of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone

Dihydrotestosterone shrinks hair follicles and slows the rate of growth. As androgenetic alopecia progresses and DHT continues to affect the follicles adversely, hairs become shorter and weaker, more fragile, and often lighter in colour with each subsequent life cycle. Eventually, the follicles will die and will no longer produce healthy hair. Also, DHT reduces the rate of flow of blood to the scalp due to this folical receive less blood then what it requires. There are many medicines (Anti DHT) in the market which slow the rate of production of DHT in the body. You can take these medicines if the doctor prescribes you.

Deficiency of vitamins in the body

Our body fulfils the Vitamins and minerals requirement of the main organ first, and then the leftover vitamins go to the outer part of our body, such as hair and skin. You can search for some DHT blocker foods on the internet and eat it regularly; this will provides the required vitamins & minerals to your body.


If you take multiple cups of coffee every day or drink a lot, then surely you will experience hair loss. Add some green vegetables to your diet such as spinach, sweet potato, broccoli, avocados, etc. to promote hair growth.

Two best home remedies to stop hair fall.

If you are tired of chemotherapy and all medical treatment and want to try something natural to save your existing hair? Then don’t worry, we are up with a few fantastic tips. I have been using it from past one year, and it works great for me. After using it for three months regularly, I gradually notice a drop in the hair fall. 

If you’re excited to know then stay tune. Here are the thing you need to do. Go bald clear your head, apply homemade onion juice on the scalp, and after that apply derma roller on the scalp. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube on how to use a derma roller; Do it twice in a day, surely you will get the results, keep your hair short as much as possible.

There are several disadvantages that one can face by overusing the cosmetic products for styling and beautifying the hair. These days people use hair wax for styling hair, hair wax contains many harmful chemicals which causes hair loss, hair wax are made up of lipids, and petroleum by-products, these all ingredients are harmful to your scalp avoid using it.

Tips to protect your hair

  • Avoid taking a bath in warm water; warm water removes the moisture content in your hair and makes it dry.
  • Quit smoking and drinking. They can damage your immune power, and this could lead to illness. Also, it decreases the flow of blood in your head due to this hair fall takes place.
  • Do Balayan regularly, balayan is a type of yoga which helps to improve hair quality, it increases the blood circulation at the scalp.

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